Thursday, December 2, 2010

Roemtech's Classroom Audio Systems

Looking for classroom audio systems? Check out Roemtech. Roemtech designs and manufacturers leading edge classroom audio systems that include plenum rated amplifiers, mini amps, and speakers.

Educational (from schools to college) and Boardroom environments with projectors need classroom amplification systems that provide clear and powerful sound.

The new plenum rated amplifier, PlenumAmp PMA-245H, designed for above ceiling use, uses Roemtech's exclusive HummBuster™ technology. This technology is designed with advanced noise filtration to remove interference present in classroom audio systems. It actually completely eliminates ground loop hums caused by inadequate electrical grounds and noisy sound cards.

Roemtech's classroom audio systems are easy to install and provide ample capability for demanding applications that classroom audio systems need to meet. If you are looking for classroom amplifier, conference room amplifier, training room amplifier, restaurant amplifier or just a mini amplifier, Roemtech is a good place to start.

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