Thursday, December 30, 2010

Big n Beautiful Calendar a hit

Here's a calendar with a difference. Singapore's nude calendar has been grabbing headlines not just because it features pictures of naked women, but because it celebrates curves.

Featuring 11 women completely nude, the photos were taken over two weekends by famed photographer, Sit Weng San. The ladies featured are all a UK-size 14 and above. Each calendar sells for S$25 online and all proceeds from the sale will go to the Children's Cancer Foundation.

Organised by the founder of the Singapore online plus sized label- BignBeautiful, Erica Sim, who is a UK-size 20 herself, also posed for the calendar. She insists that stripping naked is not a marketing gimmick. It is aimed at empowering plus sized women, encouraging them to embrace their curves.

Lisa Teoh, an administrative assistant shared her reason for posing in the calendar, 'I hope that people just won't outcast us. We are who we are. We are just like anyone else. Inner.. is extremely good. It's just the outer is fleshier, cuter, no difference. Just more to hug!'

Check out the calendar..

Source: The Daily Chilli


  1. Anonymous12:34 PM

    There's no need to prove anything to anyone. I wonder there's so much of a need to want to prove something to people. I think posing in the buff is in poor taste. Just my two cents.

  2. Mei Teng, nevermind lah. All good, all for charity.

    You know what? A guru once told me that if one doesn't need to proof oneself, one is a confident person. You are one, Mei Teng. Good for you!

  3. This is a beautiful have to be a hit..but i personally believe there is no need to prove anything to really shows beautiful women..