Friday, January 28, 2005

Customer Service

The topic of this morning's radio showed was 'Customer Service'.
This was prompted due to a horrible experience encountered by
the radio DJ. She related the incident.

It happened at a gas station (which the DJ so kindly did not
disclose the name nor the location). She was pumping gas and
the meter didn't stop resulting in gas spewing out and around
her car creating a puddle of gas. She then urgently asked for
help from the station attendants. After a heated exchange,
one of them came out to the car and doused it with water and
left it at that.

When she demanded to speak with the manager, he or she was not
around. The DJ then asked for the number but the attendant
asked her to use her own cellphone which she pointed out that
that's against the law - using a cellphone at a gas station.

The attendant then proceeded to make the call but said there
was no answer. In the meantime, another attendant was making
the call on his cellphone!

In summary, the impression the DJ got was that the gas station
attendants were not helpful at all.

The question put forth this morning was where do Malaysians
stand in terms of customer service? Have we moved forward or
is there more room for improvement? The DJ also requested for
comments on the experience she went through and welcome any
advice as to what course of action she could or should take.

What do you think?

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Celebrity news

Some light reading ........

Spacey to play Lex Luthor
Check here.

Nicole knew Cruise marriage was doomed
Check here.

And this is good, the best and worst dressed of 2004.
Check here,

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Medical Information

We would give anything to have a healthy long life. I know
I would. Alas, not everyone's life is as rosy and sweet.
The food we eat, the environment we live in and the life-style
we lead will get in the way of good health - we fall sick. Best case, we get a cold or something not so serious; worse case, a
life-threatening disease. If the latter, chances are we would
want to learn more about the condition aside from seeking medical
treatment of course.

Where would we find such information?
Here's a site which not only covers a description of the ailment
and condition, it also has information on the recommended pharmaceutical drugs as well as the necessary medical hardware to
aid in the recovery or for correctional purposes.


Saturday, January 22, 2005

e-Cards for the Lunar New Year

If one of your resolutions this year is to save money,
why not send e-cards for a change? The Lunar (Chinese)
New Year is just around the corner. You'll be spoilt
for choice from these five sites:






Friday, January 21, 2005

Working on a holiday

Today is a public holiday. I should be taking things
easy and laze by the pool soaking up the sun (plenty of
it today) or leisurely leafing through Vogue or Cosmo
(my favourites) or something along those lines but alas
that wasn't the case.

Didn't imagine cleaning grills could be so time-consuming.
Just managed to clean the front-door and window grills
the entire morning right through lunch-time! I have to
admit my fussiness got the better of me. Hmmm... life is
too short to fuss over such unimportant stuff. I shall
remember that the next time around.

In a perfect world, houses don't need grills or is it
grills don't need houses?

Thursday, January 20, 2005

37 Tips for Authors by Kathleen Epperson

This piece is an excellent guide for aspiring writers,
either a book writer, an essay writer or for any form
of writing.

1. Whet our appetite. Grab our attention with your title
and first sentence. Occasionally allude to fascinating
subjects you're covering in later chapters. Make your
book so engaging we can't put it down!

2. Write as if you're speaking to us. Is your writing
style friendly, personable and caring? Does it excite,
motivate and compel us to act? If writing this way isn't
easy for you, try transcribing tapes of your lectures.

3. Keep your sentences short, crisp and to the point.
Make it easy for busy managers to grasp key points.
Start each paragraph with your point, then explain it.
(This is the opposite of good academic writing.) Can
you replace "and" with a period? Where does the text
drag? What could you cut to reduce repetition?

4. Talk benefits. What's in it for us? What do we gain by
following your advice? Are there any economic advantages?

5. Ask Socratic questions. Involve us by asking questions
that stimulate our thinking. Use questions to help us
view situations differently and acquire new insights.

6. Relate your ideas to the "real" world. If your strength
is abstract thinking, is your book too theoretical? Make
it easy for us to grasp your message. Give lots of
examples. Paint vivid pictures with simple details we
can see, hear, taste, feel and smell.

7. Put yourself in the book. Writing is a tool for
connecting with others -- and ultimately for being
loved. Share anecdotes about your pertinent experiences.
What are your concerns? Your dreams? Your challenges?

8. Dare to be yourself. Tell your truth. Real emotion is
refreshing to read (and write).

9. Respect "them." Act as if there is a positive intention
behind every behavior -- even unacceptable behavior.
How might doing this affect the way you write about
people who have different values?

10.Don't imply you know what's best for us. Avoid
statements like "you should" or "you must" that treat
us like children.

11.Create controversy. Shock us by making an amazing
claim, then back it up with facts.

12.Acknowledge the shadow. Voice concerns and reactions
we might have to your ideas. What is the downside to
implementing your suggestions? The challenges?

13.Make sure your text flows. Make your book fun to read
and easy to understand by having engaging ideas,
specific examples, simple sentences, clear punctuation,
and connective passages between sections and before new
ideas. Do the modifying phrases and invented words,
which sounded great in speeches, flow well in print?

14.Avoid passive verbs. Active verbs are stronger. Active
verbs in the present tense make your message feel

15.Avoid jargon and big words. You get more punch with
one-syllable words.

16.Avoid double negatives. They take too much work to

17.Kick "but" out of your vocabulary. Use the word "but"
with great discretion. It contradicts what you've just

18.Break punctuation rules consciously - not out of
ignorance. Here are two rules authors commonly break
by mistake: (1) The only words not capitalized in
chapter titles are conjunctions, prepositions and
articles less than four letters long. (2) Nouns
followed by a number that indicates sequence are
capitalized (e.g. Chapter 2); except the following
nouns stay lower case: line, note, page, paragraph,
size, step, and verse. A good source for punctuation
rules is The Gregg Reference Manual by William A.
Sabin (Glencoe/McGraw-Hill).

19.Use numbers. People like to see specific numbers
in titles (e.g. "37 Tips"). Numbered lists make it
easier to find and remember information. Numbers
on "how-to" steps help us implement your suggestions.

20.Highlight key ideas. Set off eye-catching ideas in
boxes. Start numbered paragraphs with the main point
in bold type.

21.Add quotes. Reinforce your message by adding
appropriate quotes -- especially interesting ones
we haven't seen elsewhere.

22.Illustrate your ideas. Use charts to show your
concepts graphically. Would cartoons enhance your
text? How can we refer to topics quickly? Would
an index help?

23.Define your terms. Can we guess the meaning of
acronyms and unfamiliar words from the context?

24.Exaggerate with caution. An exaggeration can be fun.
It can make a point effectively. Yet, if we
misunderstand and take it literally, we might doubt
your credibility.

25.Build your credibility. What experiences contribute
to your being an expert in this subject? Do you cite

26.Tell what you are going to say, say it, then tell us
what you said. This classic advice is good for writing
-- and for making speeches when you go on your book

27.Tell us why. Don't just tell us what to do. Tell us
why you think this is important.

28.Stimulate our minds. Write something original that
causes us to stop and take notice or make us gasp
with delight at seeing a new slant on something

29.Offer a smorgasbord of insights. Some authors have
one brilliant idea, which they repeat "ad nauseam."
Instead, if you offer a wealth of insights gained
from years of observing and soul searching, we can
find tidbits to abate our intellectual and spiritual

30.Model good ways of doing things. Do you help us
visualize new behavior? For example do you write
dialogue that demonstrates effective communication

31.Spice your book with humor. Make us chuckle. Drop
in a few puns. Books that sparkle with humor are
fun to read.

32.Be positive and upbeat. Even when describing
depressing global conditions, can you report
any good news? What's working?

33.Touch our hearts and renew our hope. Do you make
our hearts sing? Do you enkindle hope we can
achieve our deepest dreams?

34.Inspire us. Do your stories let us feel the
exhilaration of surmounting obstacles and
reaching goals? Do they motivate us to take
small, incremental steps that make a difference?

35.Know your audience. Are you addressing your readers'
concerns? Are you saying what we need to hear? If
your book is translated into many languages, will
international readers understand the idioms, similes
and metaphors?

36.Invite feedback. Some authors publish interesting
second books based on their readers' comments and

37.Find a good critic. Increase the chances that your
book will be a compelling read by finding a
critical reviewer for your draft manuscript. Do you
have a developmental editor who points out flaws
and makes suggestions for improvement?

Kathleen Epperson is an Organization Effectiveness
consultant and developmental editor. She would love
to know if these tips help you write a best seller.
You can reach her by emailing


To the Muslims, Selamat Hari Raya Qurban.

To the rest, Happy Holiday.

If you're travelling outstation, do drive carefully.
Keep our roads safe and everyone else too.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Malaysia Bank Holidays

Have you ever gone to a bank in Malaysia on a Saturday
and to your dismay found it closed? Not anymore with
this site:

Check here.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Year of the Rooster

If you're into the Chinese zodiac, here's something to keep you clued in. The year of the Rooster begins on February 9, 2005.

(This came thru the net without a source so if anyone has any information, please do feed back.)

There will be very good luck for you this year, Rat. With persons
of Nobility around, there will be success in business and career
this year. Do not get involved with illegal activities and avoid
methods of earning quick cash. Rats should improve in their
intellectual abilities as this will also greatly affect the
overall luck.

Wealth may be good this year but do not be too greedy. Be content
with what you have and try putting aside some savings for rainy
days, avoid gambling and heavy investments.

This year, there will be chances of getting a raise and promotion,
Rat. Be humble, perform well and grab any opportunities available.
This is a year where your potentials will be put to test. Stay calm
when handling problems.

Be careful of insomnia this year. Always see a doctor if you begin
to feel unwell. Stay away from alcohol and cigarettes. Don't try to
treat yourself for this could be devastating. Stick to the rules
when riding or driving vehicles.

There will be chances to make more new friends this year. Singles
will be able to meet up with their potential partner. For married
couples, there may be a third party coming into the relationship.
Try settling it peacefully and keep the ball rolling.

Be more careful in the things that you do. You might get seriously
ill this year. Control your emotions when bad situations arise.
There will be lots of changes in the realms of jobs and new
businesses. Although wealth luck is not bad, you must avoid
gambling and investing.

Try putting some money aside for rainy days. Avoid gambling,
investments and buying stocks this year. Do not get involved in
illegal activities. Do not become greedy once you have earned some
money, donate some to charity.

There will be chances this year involving new jobs or even a break
into the new business you desire. Problems will occur but life will
get back on track quickly. Solve problems confidently and do not be
too arrogant. Learn to be humble and be confident when doing

Health luck may seem good but due to your bad temper, expect to be
seeing a doctor a few more times than you'd like! Take note of your
liver and due to your busy work schedule, try spending more time
resting or you may fall sick easily.

The relationship with your partner will be uncertain. You will be
easily mistaken and this'll cause frustration. For married couples,
do show more care and concern for your partner or you could see
it turn sour due to minor problems.

You will receive lots of wealth this year and there will be lots of
opportunities to show off your talents. There will also be Tai Yang
and Fu Xing present blessing you this year. Do grab opportunities
when they appear. This year, you must also build up your
intellectual abilities and improve your social circle.

You will receive lots of wealth this year. There will be lots of
investments made but you must have a detailed plan before anything
can be started.

Persons of Nobility will be around to help you in the things you do.
For those at work, you will perform well this year and you will be
recognised by authority figures.

Health is considered good this year with only some minor problems
like a flu and colds. Do stay away from alcohol and cigarettes. Try
to spend more time resting.

For singles, love relationship problems will either be caused by
money or stress. This will not help at all. Treasure your partner
(That doesn't mean bury him or her!) and carefully solve each
problem that arises.

You will be in conflict with Tai Sui this year. Be prepared as there
will be lots of problems that you will have to face. During the
year, you need to stay calm and be strong when settling problems.
Be more humble as this will also help in getting advice from others.

Do not overspend this year. Practise 'stinginess' and get some help
from a financial planner. Avoid gambling this year. There may be
chances throughout the year to earn some quick cash but do not be
too greedy.

There will be lots of problem that you will face in your career.
Attend to them calmly and maturely. Try maintaing your job and do
your best. Avoid changing jobs this year. Be more careful when
handling contracts and documents.

Be careful of cuts from sharp objects this year. For the elderly,
avoid contact with water and be just as careful when bathing. Be
careful of falls and injuries such as sprains and fractures. When
going out, always remember to secure all your doors and avoid dark

Love luck will be good this year. Singles will meet with their dream
dates and relationships can be started from there. Wedding bells for
loving couplescan also be heard this year. For married persons, be
extra careful of peach blossom (Third Party) trouble.

Persons of Nobility will appear to help you this year. Do grab this
opportunity and perform well in your work. There will be chances of
getting a raise and a promotion this year. Be grateful for what you
receive and be humble towards other people. Be extra careful during
outdoor activities.

There will be progress in business overseas and you will see a good
increase in sales this year. Do grab all opportunities available. Do
your best to carve out a successful career.

Facing lots of challenges, you will be able to perform well. There
must also be determination on your part to succeed. Whenever an
opportunity arises, get seriously selfish and grab it!

With a busy work schedule, you will have less resting time. This
will cause your health to deteriorate. Try arranging some time to
rest.Avoid cigarettes and alcohol. For the elderly, be careful of a
relapse of an old illnesses.

Your love life will be smooth and couples can get married this year.
For married persons, be careful of a third party causing problems
for you. Try to build up a stronger relationship with your partner.

This year is the best for you to carve a niche for your career. You
must be able to differentiate between good and bad friends too. In
order for you to show off your talents, you must have a strong
determination. Be extra careful when dealing with documents and
contracts. There will be gossip and conflict in the office but do
your best to avoid them. Do not be too arrogant.

Your wealth luck is good and there will be gains in your
investments. There will also be chances in striking the lottery,
big time! However, remember to take care of your money. Although
luck is very good, you must still be extra careful with investments.

There will be good opportunities around this year. When handling
documents at work, check everything thoroughly. If you plan to start
a business, make sure you do a detailed plan before proceeding.

Health will not be that good, this year. Do go for regular checkups.
You must practise good hygiene and avoid spicy and oily food. Try
your best to avoid smoking, alcohol and 'lusting'. Do not speed
when driving. Safety comes first.

You will become a popular person this year and you will go on many
dates. Do be faithful towards your love partner. There will be some
problems between married couples, do settle this maturely.

Lucky stars will shine on you in 2005. Luck will be very good
especially in your career but do not be too arrogant. In wealth,
try to save some money for rainy days and avoid being a guarantor.
Dating couples can plan marriage As for married couples, they will
have lovingrelationships and may go for second honeymoons.

Wealth will come easily this year but still, you must be very
careful when investing. Get the advice of a professional financial
planner and do not overspend. Remember to lock your door and windows
at home.

Career luck is very good. Your business will be better than last
year. Great improvements will be shown at work. Have a good rest
when time allows as there will be lots of stress. Improve your
circle of friends at work. It will help a lot in your career.
However, there will be vile characters trying to do you harm. Be

Being a stressful year, your health will be greatly affected. Try
spending some time for resting. The elderly and children will need
more attention. Avoid climbing too high. Pregnant women should seek
treatment immediately if you feel unwell, even the slightest.

Your love life will be good. There will be lots of potential
partners this year. Do show more concern for your partner's health.
As for couples, you should spend time with your family. Try not to
spend so much time arguing and settle problems as soon as possible.

Problems will occur especially in your career. Take this as a test
and improve your abilities. A person of Nobility will appear and
help you when you really need it. Try to improve your circle of
friends. Due to ill wealth luck, you should avoid gambling this
year. You will suffer from insomnia due to heavy stress. For the
elderly, take note of your health this year.

Avoid gambling and borrowing money from people this year. There will
be high chances of losing money this year. Avoid using dark and
lonely paths.

A well-prepared plan must be available before you start any business
this year. Consider going for overseas business trips if the
opportunities arise. A person of eminence will be present to guide
you along. For those at work, you should build a better circle of

Health luck is average. It will only be affected by your lack of
rest. Elders will have more health problems. The same goes for
pregnant women, they should seek medical attention when unwell.

Dating couples should try to be more understanding towards one
another. Choose the right person to marry or you will live to
regret it. Married couples will have deep lasting relationships

Lucky stars will be present and you should grab every opportunity
this year. Noble persons will be around helping you and you will
perform well at work. There will be chances of getting a raise
and promotion. Health luck will not be up to expectations. As for
your love life, you will need to work hard for a better outcome.

With good wealth luck, there will be lots of opportunities around.
You should handle your money properly and not spend on unnecessary

Your career luck will be good, smooth sailing. Persons of Nobility
will appear and guide you along the way. For those at work, you will
prove to be of great help to the company. Always build a good
relationship with one another.

The only bad news for this year is your health luck. You will need
to take very good care of yourself. You will also get hurt easily,
therefore be alert. Due to stress from your work, you must find
yourself some time to rest. You must also stay away from alcohol
and cigarettes.

You should show more concern to your partner especially you, married
woman. You should avoid getting involved with third parties. Singles
will be able to meet their dream dates during business functions.

Problems will arise due to the presence of Tai Sui this year.
Problems will occur in your career and you will need to handle them
maturely. Be careful of vile characters. There will also be some
money problems. You should save some money, prepare now for these
problems. Youngsters should try solving their love problems carefully.

You should start hording money this year and not spend on
unnecessary junk! There will be times that you will be caught out
with money problems. Avoid becoming a guarantor for anyone.

Although there is a presence of a Noble person, you must still be
careful of vile characters trying to create trouble for you. When
handling documents, you should check thoroughly before signing. Grab
every opportunity to carve out a good career.

Take note, as you will easily get hurt this year. Do not speed when
driving. Avoid holding or staying around sharp objects or tools.
Take note of the food that you eat. Children will get sick easily
too, this year.

Although the relationships between married couples are good, you
must still avoid getting involved with third parties, no matter how
tempting. There will be good chances for youngsters to meet up with
their dream dates this year.

For those who are working or with their own businesses, this will
be a good year for you to shine. There will be high hopes for a
promotion and pay-rise this year too. Wealth luck will be moderate
so gamble less and do not over-spend. There will be profits in the
second half of the year in business trading. As for your health,
many problems like stomach pain or flu will occur. There will be
conflicts in the family and you will need to help solve them.

Your monthly pay is not too bad. Do not engage in investing though.
Wealth may be good but you will also need to remember to save for
rainy days.

Your career luck will be very good, smooth sailing. You will get
praises from a superior due to your hard work. Your hard work will
have paid off handsomely.

When engaged in outdoor activities, you will need to be extra
careful. Always obey the traffic rules. You may have gastric
problems so take note of your diet. Do take good care of your own
health. Children should avoid climbing too high and you should watch
out for their safety.

Your love luck will be very good. You will just need to be careful
of vile characters trying to cause difficulties for you, especially
married couples. As long as your relationship is deep and lasting,
nothing will come between you.Dating couples will get married.

Problems will occur this year and you will need to handle them with
a calm mind. There will also be chances for you to change into a new
job. Whatever the outcome, always be strong and show your
determination, do your very best Build better relationships with
people. Do be more alert as you may get hurt easily this year and
avoid water sports.

You will need to work hard in order to earn more money. Your wealth
luck will depend on your hardwork. Be more alert when investing.

There will be many changes that you will need to adapt to this year.
Be more alert when investing. When handling documents, always do
thorough checks before signing. You may have a chance of going
overseas to work or travelling for a holiday.

Avoid climbing and doing dangerous stunts. When going outdoors, do
not go alone. Do be more alert of your own safety. Take note of the
food that you eat to avoid food poisoning.

Youngsters should avoid falling in love at such a tender age. They
should put their studies first. There will be many conflicts in the
relationship of married couples and they will need to be settled,

Friday, January 14, 2005

KL Writers' Club

The Sunday Star, 9 January 2005:

If you are an aspiring writer who would like to learn
more about your craft, as well as the book industry
then you should join the KL Writers' Club.

The club, which is sponsored by MPH in cooperation with
Content Cradle, an online service that helps local writers
get published, is open to all budding writers and there is
no joining fee.

Members are invited to meet on the third Saturday of
each month from 11am to 12:30pm, in the Booker Room
at the MPH Megastore, 1 Utama, Bandar Utama, Selangor.

Each meeting, aside from being a networking platform
for aspiring writers, will focus on a specific subject
relating to book publishing and writing, and guest
speakers will be invited to give talks relating to
their area of expertise.

The topics for the first three meetings are:

January - The editorial process (drafting a manuscript,
ghost-writing, copy editing, proof-reading, etc.

February - Book distribution.

March - Promotion and marketing.

Participants will receive a 15% discount voucher for one
book by any local author, to be purchased at the store.
Refreshments will be served. To sign up for the first
meeting, contact the Customer Service Desk at 03-77269003.

Friends & Attitude of gratitude

I simply have to share this. A good friend suggested
this for publication to keep the beautiful and caring
gesture alive and well-remembered.

I apologise that names have to be left out but like
the msg says "You know who you are!"

I salute these wonderful people, not forgetting the
note-worthy attitude of gratitude of the msg writer.
My best wishes to you for a speedy recovery.

Read on.....


"Hello to all my bosses & friends,

I had my last chemo on 29th Dec 04. Hopefully all the
pain that I am undergoing will be gone by the end of
this 3rd chemo week.

Sorry for not able to send an update earlier as my
notebook was sent for repair.

My next appointment with the Oncologist is on 27th Jan.

I would like to thank everyone in helping me going thru
the healing process!

Friends came, prayed for me when I was wheeled into the
operation theatre. Received bouquets of flowers from
bosses and friends when I was in hospital.

Friends brought fruits, herbs (Hong choe, tong sum),
food supplements (lingzi, liquid spirulina,protein
powder) essence of chicken, reading material &
articles when I was back home. A friend who brought
fresh ikan kurau to my house when I had to ‘pang tang’
(only steam fish) right after my surgery. Friends who
joined me for walks. (These walks were truly therapeutic!).
Friends who invited me to karaoke when I felt so down &
depressed and lastly friends who celebrated my 51st
birthday – my first cancer year.

You know who you are!

My greatest heartfelt gratitude to all my dear friends
who stood by me and were there for me in many ways.

All your kind thoughts and help do make a difference!
Once again thank you !!"

- Unquote.

Isn't this so beautiful? It makes you want to read it
again and again.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Rome bans smoking / Phuket

Not so good news for smokers as Rome bans smoking
in all public places such as bars, restaurants,
discos and offices effective January 10, 2005.

Italy has joined the bandwagon of European countries
imposing stricter restrictions on smokers. The fine
for customers is 275 euros while offending landlords
will be poorer by 2,200 euros.

Talk about being poorer, Phuket tourism is feeling
the pinch as tourists are not going back after the
Dec 26 tsunami. Go-go clubs threaten closure if
situation does not improve. Reminds me of Bali
after the bombing except that in this case, it's a
natural disaster that's causing the people to stay away.

Time heals so people will begin to flood back.

Perhaps there should be a "Save Phuket" campaign
worldwide encouraging tourists to come back just
like what was done for Bali.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Something related to the tsunami, The Star (Malaysian version)
ran an article entitled "Possessed by spirit of dead foreigner".

"BANGKOK: A Thai woman became possessed by the spirit of
a dead foreigner after she retrieved the body of a relative
killed during the Dec 26 tsunami, witnesses told a Thai

Sunee Veerathong, 28, began acting differently on Tuesday
after the funeral of her brother-in-law, suddenly speaking
English even though she never could before.

Sunee's behavior caused a clamour in her neighbourhood in
the southern city of Nakhorn Sri Thammariat, especially
when the English she spoke was translated as coming from
a western tourist who had perished in the disaster, the
Thai-language Daily News reported.

"My name is Michael Watch, I come with good intentions.
I want some help." the paper quoted witnesses as repeating
Sunee's voice as saying.

"I am Yugoslavian, I had arrived in Phuket on Dec 24 with
two of my friends and stayed in Patong beach. Our bodies
are still buried under the ruin of the hotel," the voice
allegedly explained.

The article said Sunee did not remember anything from the
few hours during which she was reportedly possessed. - dpa"

Friday, January 7, 2005

The Weekend is here

Yes! The weekend is here and I'm off to the hills. :)

Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, January 6, 2005

Give peace a chance

Interesting that some people think they're the only
ones on this planet who are having a bad day. They
raise their voice, tell off people around them, showing
off their bad mood - practically being obnoxious.
Perhaps they've not heard of counting to ten or even
to a hundred to cool off? Or perhaps being nice takes
a back-seat to raving and ranting?

Or perhaps their mood for the day is being influenced
by their flowers not blooming the right colour or the
hairdryer was biased.

No matter. Everyone has a right to some peace and quiet
around the place. So, give peace a chance.

Tuesday, January 4, 2005


Happy New Year y'all. How time flies! Gone the last, here the new one
whether we like it or not. Time and tide waits for no man. So very true.

The wise will spare some time for reflection - victories and defeats
of the past year. And most importantly, what are the lessons learned
from the defeats. How should we have done it?

As for victories, do we celebrate them, big or small. A pat on one's
back is desirable to put some impetus back into life. Also, if we do not
reward ourselves, who will?

That brings to mind something related - goals. How many of us
have goals? Life goals, goals for work, goals for family, goals for
anything and everything. Some people live by goals, some, haven't a clue.

I leave you then with this food for thought - Goals.