Friday, January 28, 2005

Customer Service

The topic of this morning's radio showed was 'Customer Service'.
This was prompted due to a horrible experience encountered by
the radio DJ. She related the incident.

It happened at a gas station (which the DJ so kindly did not
disclose the name nor the location). She was pumping gas and
the meter didn't stop resulting in gas spewing out and around
her car creating a puddle of gas. She then urgently asked for
help from the station attendants. After a heated exchange,
one of them came out to the car and doused it with water and
left it at that.

When she demanded to speak with the manager, he or she was not
around. The DJ then asked for the number but the attendant
asked her to use her own cellphone which she pointed out that
that's against the law - using a cellphone at a gas station.

The attendant then proceeded to make the call but said there
was no answer. In the meantime, another attendant was making
the call on his cellphone!

In summary, the impression the DJ got was that the gas station
attendants were not helpful at all.

The question put forth this morning was where do Malaysians
stand in terms of customer service? Have we moved forward or
is there more room for improvement? The DJ also requested for
comments on the experience she went through and welcome any
advice as to what course of action she could or should take.

What do you think?

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