Friday, January 14, 2005

Friends & Attitude of gratitude

I simply have to share this. A good friend suggested
this for publication to keep the beautiful and caring
gesture alive and well-remembered.

I apologise that names have to be left out but like
the msg says "You know who you are!"

I salute these wonderful people, not forgetting the
note-worthy attitude of gratitude of the msg writer.
My best wishes to you for a speedy recovery.

Read on.....


"Hello to all my bosses & friends,

I had my last chemo on 29th Dec 04. Hopefully all the
pain that I am undergoing will be gone by the end of
this 3rd chemo week.

Sorry for not able to send an update earlier as my
notebook was sent for repair.

My next appointment with the Oncologist is on 27th Jan.

I would like to thank everyone in helping me going thru
the healing process!

Friends came, prayed for me when I was wheeled into the
operation theatre. Received bouquets of flowers from
bosses and friends when I was in hospital.

Friends brought fruits, herbs (Hong choe, tong sum),
food supplements (lingzi, liquid spirulina,protein
powder) essence of chicken, reading material &
articles when I was back home. A friend who brought
fresh ikan kurau to my house when I had to ‘pang tang’
(only steam fish) right after my surgery. Friends who
joined me for walks. (These walks were truly therapeutic!).
Friends who invited me to karaoke when I felt so down &
depressed and lastly friends who celebrated my 51st
birthday – my first cancer year.

You know who you are!

My greatest heartfelt gratitude to all my dear friends
who stood by me and were there for me in many ways.

All your kind thoughts and help do make a difference!
Once again thank you !!"

- Unquote.

Isn't this so beautiful? It makes you want to read it
again and again.

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