Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Something related to the tsunami, The Star (Malaysian version)
ran an article entitled "Possessed by spirit of dead foreigner".

"BANGKOK: A Thai woman became possessed by the spirit of
a dead foreigner after she retrieved the body of a relative
killed during the Dec 26 tsunami, witnesses told a Thai

Sunee Veerathong, 28, began acting differently on Tuesday
after the funeral of her brother-in-law, suddenly speaking
English even though she never could before.

Sunee's behavior caused a clamour in her neighbourhood in
the southern city of Nakhorn Sri Thammariat, especially
when the English she spoke was translated as coming from
a western tourist who had perished in the disaster, the
Thai-language Daily News reported.

"My name is Michael Watch, I come with good intentions.
I want some help." the paper quoted witnesses as repeating
Sunee's voice as saying.

"I am Yugoslavian, I had arrived in Phuket on Dec 24 with
two of my friends and stayed in Patong beach. Our bodies
are still buried under the ruin of the hotel," the voice
allegedly explained.

The article said Sunee did not remember anything from the
few hours during which she was reportedly possessed. - dpa"

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