Thursday, January 13, 2005

Rome bans smoking / Phuket

Not so good news for smokers as Rome bans smoking
in all public places such as bars, restaurants,
discos and offices effective January 10, 2005.

Italy has joined the bandwagon of European countries
imposing stricter restrictions on smokers. The fine
for customers is 275 euros while offending landlords
will be poorer by 2,200 euros.

Talk about being poorer, Phuket tourism is feeling
the pinch as tourists are not going back after the
Dec 26 tsunami. Go-go clubs threaten closure if
situation does not improve. Reminds me of Bali
after the bombing except that in this case, it's a
natural disaster that's causing the people to stay away.

Time heals so people will begin to flood back.

Perhaps there should be a "Save Phuket" campaign
worldwide encouraging tourists to come back just
like what was done for Bali.

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