Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Wonders of the Internet..

I am sure you are all too familiar about being online looking for something and one thing led to another and you end up going through more subjects than your original intent.

I was going through a nutrition site, then ways of cooking eggs came along, then organic farming, nutrition, and more, including a site on Mesothelioma treatment and which also brought me to a page with printable books (which I will share with you in a subsequent post). Please bear with me for now.

Ahh... the wonders of the Internet..

Don't let your Cell Phone walk away

I read in the papers the other day that the crime rate has dropped some 30% in Kuala Lumpur. This certainly is great news. Kudos to the police force. However, there still are petty thefts and cheats going on that can't be avoided.

I recently heard of a case of a conman walking way with a cellphone. No, not a cell phone but two cell phones at the same time. The conman took the phones on the pretext of helping the two men calibrate their phones. Incredible but true incident. So, be careful, don't let your phone leave your hands - not even to people you think you know. This happened in the Kepong area.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Personalized Communications

The need for a smoother operation and better profit margins have seen companies outsourcing many of their support functions in recent years. It is not uncommon to see a local manufacturing plant having their call center in another part of the world.

If your company is looking into outsourcing any of your support functions, such as telephone answering service, custom scripting to automate your company processes or even order taking, why not check out Personal Communications or rather Personalized Communications.

Personalized Communications has a wide range of services including 24X7 live telephone answering service, inbound call center services, as well as internet operator services to be able to support your company better. Personalized Communications provides great flexibility with software solutions.

Some of their current call center services include medical and legal answering services for doctors and lawyers, order taking answering services for catalog and retail companies, seminar registration, Internet answering services, telephone answering services and so much more.

Being honored with the exclusive 2009 Award of Excellence for the sixth consecutive year by the Association of TeleServices International (ATSI), the industry's largest trade association for providers of call center and telephone answering services, there is no better service provider to help your company move ahead of the competition and to a higher level of success.

Do you think the world is getting smaller?

I was vacation site hopping the other day and came across one on Orlando vacations. Orlando seems so far away from where we are but with air-travel so readily available, the world is getting smaller, don't you think? For example, a trip to Cape Town, South Africa, on Singapore Airlines via Singapore takes only 13 hours. And you could fly your entire family and friends to your wedding in Bali anytime. Amber Chia came to mind..

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Amber Chia gets married in Bali

Malaysian supermodel, Amber Chia, got married on the exotic resort island of Bali last Thursday.

No, he is not the married businessman that she was once maliciously accused of dating. Or the old banker Tan Sri that she was rumoured to be seeing.

The 28-year-old hot lass said "I do" to her long-time friend-turned-boyfriend according to The Daily Chilli.

Among Amber's celebrity friends who flew in to Bali to witness the super private romantic beach wedding were TV personality Daphne Iking, violinist Dennis Lau and catwalk guru, Benjamin Toong.

The East-meet-West ceremony was also witnessed by close family members from both sides, who were flown to the mystical Indonesian island on an all-expenses paid trip by the generous couple.

It is believed that Amber's angelic white and sweet pink wedding gowns are the creations of top designer friends, Alvin Tay and Keith Kee.

The happy couple will be off to an overseas honeymoon. No location disclosed.

Source: The Daily Chilli

Earth Hour in Kuala Lumpur

At 8:20 last night, I reminded myself that I must watch the lights go out at the Petronas Twin Towers. 8:30 came.. and went. Then much later at 10-nish, I realised that I had missed the greatest show on earth for climate change. Oh well.. Better luck next year.

So now, I have to rely on stills as in images or pictures for a glimpse of it. If you are just like me, below are two great shots from The Star. You can also read about The hour the lights went out..

Kuala Lumpur during Earth Hour

Kuala Lumpur before the lights went out

Bag that bag

Last Saturday, I was caught unawares shopping at Giant supermarket. I didn't know Saturdays are no shopping bag days or rather I have read about it but it did not register.

Anyway, they have a new twist to it. Either shoppers pay twenty sen per bag or contribute to their kitty. I did the latter.

That episode serves as a reminder for me to bring along a shopping bag anytime I leave the house - never know when I'll need it.  Have you started shopping with your own bags? If so. kudos!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Apartments in North Carolina

No matter where we relocate to, there are nice houses or apartments available. We just need to know where to look and good real estate agents are certainly a big help.
If you are relocating to North Carolina and are looking to check out some nice North Carolina apartments, you may want to contact NC Apartments. They have a great lineup of Durham and Raleigh apartments, as well as High Point apartments. Their detailed information on factors like security and apartment design of all the apartments in North Carolina in their catalogue will be helpful in your decision-making. Plus, their dependable and helpful staff will be readily available to assist should you encounter any problem.

I hear the state of North Carolina has a lot to offer in terms of natural beauty and cultural offerings. Enjoy your new home.

Image source: http://www.nc-apartments.com

A Cigar for a Baby Boy

Stumbling around online the other day, I came across a site that sells Avo cigars.

Did you know that cigars come in many sizes? The smallest in size, known as little or small cigars, are about the size of a cigarette. Slightly larger cigars are called cigarillos. Large cigars may contain more than a half an ounce of tobacco. This is as much tobacco as a whole pack of cigarettes and it can take from 1 to 2 hours to smoke a large cigar.

I wonder what's behind the idea of distributing cigars when a baby boy is born, or is it that obvious?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Luggage on the Web

Did you know that some brands of luggage provide lifetime warranty? The Boyt Edge Lite luggage collection has a limited lifetime warranty. Even airline damage is covered by the Boyt lifetime warranty on the Mach 5 Lite collection of luggage.

The next time you are planning to buy luggage, you may want to go for the Delsey Contour EZ Glide luggage. This new line of luggage has four multi-directional wheels which makes for easy maneuvering through busy traffic at crowded airports, train and bus stations.. These wheels allow you to wheel the luggage right next to you, or behind you or in front of you. Cool, eh?

By the way, you may want to check out Hartmann Luggage. Both the Hartmann Intensity and Metropolitan collections have durable, rich belting leather trim and, get this, they enjoy the Absolute Assurance Guarantee from Hartmann luggage which covers any and all damages - even caused by airlines or cruise lines. Repairs are carried out directly by Hartmann under this guarantee at no charge to the consumer on purchases made after February 1, 2010. Should your luggage become lost, both Hartmann collections also enjoy the global recovery system to assist you in locating your luggage.

For more information on everything luggage - luggage sale, new line of designer luggage, travel accessories, etc., - visit luggageontheweb.com, the online source for luggage information.

Friday Frolics - The Chair Test

We all have a certain preference when choosing chairs. Did you know that even something as mundane as our choice of a chair can tell on our personality? See what this week's fun quiz say about you.

HappySurfer is Freaky and Funny

You're the type of person who can sit all day without feeling bored or boring others.

You find the world entertaining. There's always something going on that you can riff on.

You give a first impression of being eccentric. Luckily, most people find your weird ways to be highly entertaining.

You are an armchair philosopher. You are constantly developing your unique, quirky take on life.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Include Gold in your Retirement Portfolio to Preserve Your Wealth

Precious metals such as gold and silver have been in demand for thousands of years. Today, gold and gold coins are worth many times over in value. People buy gold coins more as an investment these days, though they are also collected for their aesthetic value.

We all know that an investment in purely equities is risky as the share market is volatile. Having an investment portfolio that includes IRA gold could improve investment performance by either increasing returns without increasing risk, or by reducing risk without adversely affecting returns. Bottomline, gold preserves wealth and purchasing power.

Don't know where to buy gold or need investment advice?

Regal Assets has over 50 years of combined experience in the precious metals investment industry and they have an extensive inventory of gold coins and gold bullion including:

St Gaudens gold coin, Liberty Heads, Indian Heads, Austrian Philharmonics, Canadian Maple Leafs, American Buffalos, American Eagles, Chinese Pandas, and South African Kruggerands.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Perth - Hailstones as big as Golf balls

Last Sunday must have been one of our hottest days. This blog recorded a temperature of 95 deg F. This evening we experienced one of the heaviest downpours in a while. It was an electrical storm which got a number of car alarms going off in unison each time thunder struck.

This rain brought some relief from the heat as well as from the possible water rationing should the water level in our dams go any lower. In spite of the heavy downpour, the temperature is still high at 86 deg F at time of writing (11:45pm). Usually, night temperature here drops to around 75 deg F. Could this be proof of global warming, I wonder.

Talk about climate changes, Perth experienced something more bizarre. The city was rained upon by hailstones as big as golf balls! See The Star's picture below..

The freak storm caused landslides and floods and residents had to be evacuated. Trains stalled and buses could not enter the city as certain roads were closed. However, MAS flights between Kuala Lumpur and Perth were not affected.

Source: The Star

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Earth Hour 2010 - Sat, Mar 27, 8:30 - 9:30pm

So, will you be joining nearly a billion people around the world in turning off the lights this Sat., Mar 27 at 8:30pm (local time) for the Earth Hour initiative?

Earth Hour (scheduled on the last Saturday of March) is a global event organized by WWF (World Wildlife Fund), inviting individuals, businesses, governments and communities to turn off their non-essential lighting and power for one hour, to show their support for action on climate change.

Although WWF acknowledged that switching off lights and other non-essential powered gadgets and equipment for an hour each year is not going to solve the earth’s environmental problems, but it does give people “a voice for the future of our planet”. It sends a strong message to corporate and world leaders that action is needed to combat climate change. As individuals, we all can play our part.

Last year, the following iconic landmarks from around the world went dark for Earth Hour. I was told the Petronas Twin Towers too joined the effort so I have included it in the list.

* Empire State Building
* Brooklyn Bridge
* Broadway Theater Marquees
* Las Vegas Strip
* United Nations Headquarters
* Golden Gate Bridge
* Seattle’s Space Needle
* Church of Latter-Day Saints Temple
* Gateway Arch in St. Louis
* Great Pyramids of Giza
* Acropolis and Parthenon in Athens
* Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro
* St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City
* Big Ben and Houses of Parliament in London
* Elysee Palace and Eiffel Tower in Paris
* Beijing’s Birds Nest and Water Cube
* Symphony of Lights in Hong Kong
* Sydney’s Opera House
* Petronas Twin Towers

To get a better sense of the magnitude and inspiring nature of the event, take a moment to watch WWF’s video about Earth Hour 2009.

People of all ages, nationalities, race and background have the opportunity to use their light switch as their vote – Switching off your lights is a vote for Earth, or leaving them on is a vote for global warming.

Learn about how Climate Change can affect the Earth and the benefit of Saving Energy.

Join the 579 cities, towns and municipalities and 77 countries and regions across every continent that have already signed up to this year’s ‘lights out’ event referred to as "the greatest show on earth" for climate change.

Set the clock for 8:30pm, Sat, Mar 27. For Earth, For Ourselves..


Need an Armor?

There are things in life that we have no need for but it is still good to know where we can find it if we do need it. Take armor, for instance. I know, this is a way out example but at least if you need a suit for whatever reason (battle reenactments, or for a play, decoration, etc..), you will know where you can buy one by the time you finish reading this.

ArmorVenue.com is where you can find handcrafted, high quality, and affordable knight's armor and accessories. They have medieval armor, including gauntlets, shields, and helmets; Viking accoutrements such as swords, helmets, and shields; Greek armor and weapons; and Roman helmets, pila, and accessories. You can also find Samurai armor and accessories.

Check out the site. You will be amazed at the wide selection available - knight's armor, helmet, swords, even soldier's shoes and tunics, belts, and more.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Buying or Selling World of Warcraft Accounts

Looking to buy or sell wow accounts or your online game goods? Check out VBarrack™.

VBarrack™ is specialized in MMO account, the best choice for Buying and/or Selling World of Warcrafts accounts and aims to become the industry's leading account retailer for secured WoW accounts, products and services.

If you wish to buy wow accounts, VBarrack™ has hundreds of WoW accounts for sale, from cheap WoW accounts (going for as low as $29 for a Level 70 Human Warrior) to elite high-end WoW accounts which are going for irresistibly knocked-down prices.

Their live help service is available 24 hours, 7 days a week and their customer representative teams are experienced MMO players themselves, so they are able to provide tailor- made solutions to questions customers may have.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

How to Increase Sales

Cash is king, no doubt, but these days, without a credit card or debit card you are not able to shop online. Likewise, if you are running a business and not accepting credit card purchases, you are losing out to your competitors who are accepting credit card purchases.

Gone are the days when it was a hassle installing credit card processing but not now. You can even apply for it online. Don't lose out to your competitors or leave money on the table, apply for credit card processing. It will increase your customer base and you can expect your sales to increase by an astounding 50 to 400%!

No time for workouts but still aim to lose weight?

Not everyone who wants to lose weight or has a need to lose some weight has time on his hands for workouts. However, it is not a lost cause as he can still be able to shed those extra pounds and begin to feel and look great again. How?

Many have turned to taking weight loss pills but it is wise to first do some research to find the top rated fat burners that will let you see results. Different people react differently to weight loss supplements so be forewarned though.

Do you have Age Spots?

In our hot weather, we can easily get sun-burned going out into the sun unprotected. The sun is damaging to our skin and without any sunscreen or sunblock, our skin will break out into sun spots which will discolor even more and turn them into what we often call age spots by mistake.

Contrary to what we think we know, age spots are not just related to age. There are young people who also get age spots due to being over-exposed to the sun unprotected. So, if you do not want to look years older than your age, do take steps to protect your skin. It pays in the long run.

Data Graphics - the Leader for Custom Labels

Are you looking for a reliable source for your company Custom Printed Labels? You have come to the right place.

Data Graphics Inc. is the leader in manufacturing and delivering on time, a wide range of products including Custom Labels, Nameplates, Overlays, Industrial Labels, Digital Printing Company among many others.

Being an ISO 9001:2000 and AS 9100 Registered company, they are committed to quality and customer service and can deliver on time and error-free nameplates and overlays the first time.

Data Graphics has been delivering superior nameplates, overlays and custom labels since 1984 from their facilities in Mount Dora, Florida. No other nameplate or overlay company will work as hard to win your business and keep your business for years to come.

For a Custom Label requirement and when quality, delivery, and customer service matter most, Data Graphics Inc. is who you can count on to provide product that is hallmark that exceeds you expectations. For nameplates, custom labels, and overlays, Data Graphics Inc. wants to be your primary vendor and provide the excellent product and service every client deserves. So, think Data Graphics the next time you need custom labels. Getting a quote is easy - just fill in an online form. You would be surprised at how fast they respond.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Biggest Loser Asia - Winner David Gurnani

The Biggest Loser Asia recently concluded its maiden season with Indonesian winner, David Gurnani, walking away with the first prize. He received USD100,000 (RM350,­000) and a car sponsored by Renault for his efforts.

Gurnani lost 83kg - 53% of his body fat. He came into the competition weighing 157kg. Amazing results after just a short five months, don't you think? This shows that the right exercise routine and adherence to healthy meal plans together makes the best weight loss supplement. I read that one of the show trainers has drawn up a 13-week programme to help people lose weight.

This is Gurnani before and after..

Gurnani, extreme right.

Image source: The Star

Our Dams are drying up

This dry and hot spell may last longer according to the papers and today, The Star said that water levels are going down at seven dams in Klang Valley and Putrajaya. If this no-rain condition persists until May, drastic measures will have to be taken. I am seeing more mosquitoes in the evenings and at night too. Are you?

This heat is making the nights unbearably stuffy so much so a colleague is resorting to sleeping pills to fall asleep. She has been treated for insomnia and sometimes only sleeping three or four hours at times. Poor girl.

Just for information sake, the seven dams are the Sungai Selangor, Sungai Tinggi, Semenyih, Sungai Langat, Klang Gates, Tasik Subang and Sungai Batu dams.

Save Water - Bathe with a Friend? LOL!

Friday Frolics - What is Your Defense Mechanism?

It's that time of the week again for Friday Frolics! Come, frolic with me..

Every one of us has a way to tackle issues or problems when faced with them. Ever wondered what is your defense mechanism, one that will see you through rough patches? The results here say that humor will see me through the day and I think it has some truth. What's yours?

Your Defense Mechanism is Humor

When life gets you down, you just have to laugh. And that's a very healthy reaction.

It's not that you don't take your problems seriously. You do. You just don't let them control you.

You are able to make the best of things, even when things look very, very bleak.

Some people may consider your sense of humor to be dark, but it has served you well!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

SEO - Driving traffic to your site

Some of us are not familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or perhaps totally in the dark about it. SEO is the key to driving traffic to your website.

Fortunately these days, you can engage the services of SEO companies whose experts will ensure your site gets ranked high in search engines thus increasing traffic to your site leading to more sales, more profits.

One such Search Engine and Web Optimization consulting company is ThinkBIGsites. Business entities who engage their consulting services will quickly be viewed as industry leaders – they will enjoy heightened corporate branding, enhanced web traffic and inquiries as well as increased sales, profits and productivity!

ThinkBIG specializes in SEO services for increased web traffic, Pay-Per-Click Management and Web Optimization and Design for increased web traffic. In addition to high search engine rankings, their proven Search Engine Optimization methodologies also deliver targeted web traffic quicker and at a lower cost.

Marc Arner, Managing Partner of ThinkBIG, was featured on CNBC's Inside Business to share his wisdom on the importance of SEO in online marketing as well as talk about what his company does and can do to help business improve their web presence and profitability.

So if you intend to take your business to a higher level, you now know what to do - increase web traffic with SEO methodologies. ThinkBIG!

How to improve Office systems

Is your company growing and you are finding it difficult to manage the office billing system? If so, BillQuick 2010 is what you need.

BillQuick 2010 is one of many office solution products from BQE Software Inc.. BillQuick 2010 fine-tunes workflows and processes to help you speed up billings and cash flow.

However, if you are already using BillQuick in your office, you will want to upgrade to the new version which has 200 New & Improved Features.

What's new? Here are some of what's new and improved:

1. Staff Task Allocation with Dates
2. Personal Time Off Management
3. Memorized Invoices
4. New Staff Workload Widget
5. Expanded Submission and Approval Workflow
and lots more.

If you are already using an earlier version of BillQuick, check out the Comparison Chart to see what you are missing. You can also download a printable brochure of the top features of BillQuick 2010. Sign up today for a 30-day free trial.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Designer fabrics and wallpapers

These are new designer pillows from DECORATORS BEST which have recently won the Best New Product Award - January 2010 at the New York International Gift Show.

When I visit showhouses at property launches, I sometimes wonder as to where the designers buy their designer drapery fabrics and upholstery fabrics because they do not seem to be on sale in the local stores I visit. Have you had that feeling too?

Many decorative fabric items are sold exclusively to interior designers for their clients - but are now made available to the public, i.e., non-designers by DECORATORS BEST . Here is where you can select and purchase the best fabrics and wallpapers at the best prices for your home.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Christian Louboutin

I think not only diamonds are a girl's best friend.  Lots of other stuff are also a girl's best friend too, for example, make-up products, clothes, bags and shoes.  I know most ladies would agree with me.

Talk about shoes, I came across some Christian Louboutin shoes and they are gorgeous!  Love the designs and colors but not sure if I love the prices though.  However, the shoes are on sale right now.    Temptation!  Temptation!      Check them out to see what I mean..

A Garden in Your Kitchen

Gardening is no longer confined to just people who have a yard.  It can be done by apartment-dwellers as well with commercial planters like the ones in the picture.  You can even cultivate crops such as tomatoes, herbs, chillies and others in your very own kitchen or balcony.

Of course, you can get one of those large commercial planters if you want a bigger vegetable patch. There are rectangular ones that fit nicely just outside the window.

Outdoor commercial planters are becoming popular in public places such as in office buildings. Hotels use them to their great advantage. These planters come in different shapes, sizes and designs to add to the variety as well as to meet every need.  Maintenance work is also a lot easier tending to plants in planters.

If you intend to try gardening, you would be wise to start with a commercial planter. That way, if you decide to give up, it's a lot hassle-free.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Looking for Promotional Items?

If you are looking for promotional items Lowe Promotions would be the place for you. If you cannot find it here, then you don't need to look elsewhere.
They have been in business of selling promotional products for over twenty years. Lowe Promotions' vast quantity of products, currently over 30,000, and still growing include trade show giveaways, awards, bags, pad folios, apparel, executive gifts, mugs, cups, magnets, electronics and computer accessories, pens, pencils, USB drives and so much more. Check out the site. You won't be disappointed.

A Golf vacation at Horizon at 77th

With the current hot and dry spell hitting us, a getaway to a cooler climate would be just the thing to do. If I were to choose a vacation in the US, it would have to be along Myrtle Beach, of course.

I could easily get a Myrtle Beach hotel online as Myrtle Beach accommodations are plentiful. One of the better ones is the Horizon at 77th with its 143 suites of 1-, 2- and 3- bedroom types, each with their very own private balcony and a stunning view of the ocean and the surroundings. How cool is that!

If I were to play golf, there are 80 golf courses to choose from. In between, I could take it easy and enjoy some swimming at their indoor or outdoor pools or partake in one of their water recreation activities. If you plan on taking a Myrtle Beach vacation, you may want to check out their seasonal specials. But no matter what season of the year, you would still be assured of a superb Myrtle Beach accommodation at the Horizon at 77th!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Frolics - The Ultimate Color Test

Life is not just black or white, is it? Wish it is sometimes though, but then again if everything is either black or white, the world would be one boring place, wouldn't it?

What do your colors say about you? Take the quiz to find out..

Yep! It is Friday again. Have a great one and an awesome weekend.. Cheerio!

Your Colors Say You Are Caring

When you are at peace, you are:

Deeply stable

When you are moved to act, you are:

Giving and warm

When you are inspired, you are:

Spontaneous and adventurous

When your life is perfectly balanced, you are:

Philosophical and expressive

Your life's purpose is:

To live a passionate life

Thursday, March 11, 2010

JustClickLocal cuts down on search-time

Here is a directory that helps you find what you are looking for fast. JustClickLocal.com zeroes down your search because the information is localised by city. For example if you are looking for a hotel in Dallas, you just search for 'hotel' in Dallas, TX, and all available hotels in Dallas will be shown.

Likewise, a search for Dallas Pawn Shops will yield a list of pawn shops available in the Dallas area. The same for Houston Pawn Shops and so forth.

JustClickLocal.com is also useful outside of United States. I found Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur. This could be a good search engine to cut down on search time. Good to bookmark it.

Wedding Photo Albums

What do we do with all the photographs that we have taken for all the special occasions in our life? Chances are, they are saved in a pen-drive or still in our computer hard-disk while the hardcopy photographs are just filed away in a photo-album or still in a box awaiting sorting.

Have you heard of photobook albums? These are stylishly designed photo-album books of professionally printed photographs. These Premium Photobooks are aimed towards special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, and others.  Wedding photo albums are a popular request.

Photoproductions is the only company in the UK to produce premium photobooks direct to the public, without them having to go through a photographer who will increase the cost.

The process is easy and can be done online. Say you already have your wedding photographs and would like to have the best ones put together into a Wedding photo album , something like in a storybook.

Go to Photoproductions.com and load in your photos, choose the desired photobook, professional designers will then create the interior, you review and approve the design. Any change can be adjusted before printing. After you click 'approve for print', printing and binding will begin followed by delivery of your beautifully completed Premium Photobook.

Puduraya bus terminal to close for 4 months from March 19

Latest Update: Puduraya Bus Terminal reopens today, April 16

Almost ready..

Related article: Puduraya's new location.. Bukit Jalil Parking lot F

Now here is a great picture (courtesy of The Star) of a popular landmark in Kuala Lumpur, the Puduraya bus terminal or Perhentian Puduraya in the local language. Notice how clear and bright the weather is. On most days, Malaysia is like this - clear and sunny. Surprisingly, there is not much traffic when this picture was taken - probably it was shot during a festival after the exodus.

The building complex in the center is the Puduraya station, the main bus station terminal in Kuala Lumpur where long-distance buses arrive and leave from Puduraya for all over Peninsular Malaysia, as well as Thailand and Singapore. Opened in 1976, Puduraya is especially busy during public holidays and around festive periods.

The Star reported that Puduraya will be closed for four months starting March 19 for a terminal upgrade. The drastic upgrade is aimed at taking care of current problems of traveller discomfort, lack of amenities and traffic congestion around the terminal.

Let's look around the area a little, shall we? The tower block on top of Puduraya station is the Puduraya Hotel. It's a 2/3-star hotel and has recently been refurbished.

The rail track you see on the right is the LRT (Light Rail Transit) track. This is the Ampang line, one of two lines that ply the city and the suburbs.

Chinatown is just a walk away. If you head towards the 4 o'clock direction, you'd be in Chinatown in 5-10 minutes. If you are taking the LRT, the station at Puduraya (called Plaza Rakyat) would be a good place to get off; the other station being Pasar Seni which is nearer Pasar Seni (Central Market).

Back to the picture.. The road on the left is the famous Jalan Pudu (Pudu Road). This road is one of the busiest and oldest in the city. This is the south-bound road. Yes, it leads south to Negri Sembilan (Seremban), Malacca, Johore (Muar) and Singapore. Shops along the road on the left (partly cut off) have been around for decades, probably pre-war era. The buildings further down the road are newer buildings that replaced the old shops.

Still further down Pudu Road, at the 11 o'clock location, is the hub of KL's Golden Triangle - the commercial district of Jalan Bukit Bintang - where you will find KL's best hotels, shopping malls, finest dine and wine restaurants..and everything else.

And that's a gist of what's there in that part of busy Kuala Lumpur. Like every city in the world, there is always the charm of the old amidst the new. If you venture downtown, you will still see enchanting pre-war buildings. They have been preserved and refurbished for their historical value.

Kuala Lumpur was once a flourishing tin-mining town which grew into what it is today. Kuala Lumpur still holds the record for having the tallest twin towers in the world, the Petronas Twin Towers. Let me leave you with this lovely image of the KL skyline at night borrowed from Wikipedia. Welcome to Kuala Lumpur!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Make it a Myrtle Beach Vacation

If I were to have golf included in my holiday plan, I would surely choose a holiday at Myrtle Beach. With six Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resorts offering superb accommodations and fantastic amenities, a vacation there would be one fabulous vacation. All six of these Myrtle Beach Resorts offer the comforts of home, the conveniences of a resort and the fun of a Myrtle Beach vacation, in fact, the best choice for vacations, golf packages, condo rentals, and to enjoy the beaches of the Grand Strand.

Be sure to check out the current specials and vacation packages offered by each resort. The resorts are Grande Shores, Seaside, Prince Resort, Towers on the Grove, Horizon, and Avista Resort.  There will be a package that will suit your needs.

As for golf, there are hundreds of courses across beautiful coastal landscapes. You just need to tell them your choices in time/date, slope, and rating and their golf experts can match you and your foursome or golf group with courses you will love to play.

For your next holiday, why not pick a Beach Resorts Myrtle Beach holiday for that vacation of a lifetime. Your family would be glad you did.

A Mailbox completes the look

There is no denying that every home needs a mailbox. Even in this hi-tech Internet age, we still do receive mail that comes in paper form. Even though we don't place much importance to the type of house mailboxes, the mailbox that we choose will need to be sturdy and weatherproof with little or no required maintenance.

There are many types of mailboxes available in the market. One of the popular mailboxes are wall mount mailboxes. Wall mounted mailboxes are usually located next to the front door of a home or business. There is a wide selection of wall mounted mailboxes to choose from - in many designs, colors and finishes. No matter what wall mount mailbox you choose, it is just the thing you need to give your home a completed look.

Wholesale Sunglasses

A business makes money by offering a product or a service. Let's look at sales for now. If you are in sales selling a product, you would know that buying the product cheaper would yield you a better profit margin. If you are retailing sunglasses, have I got the site for you.
Wholesale Discount Sunglasses offers great deals for a wide selection of replica sunglasses. Because they are the direct importer of wholesale replica sunglasses, they are able to pass the savings back to the retailers and provide discount sunglasses for the hundreds of styles you can choose from.

Replica sunglasses are not to be confused with designer name brand sunglasses. Replica sunglasses are designer-inspired sunglasses and are legal where you can put your own company name on them.

You will be amazed at the wide selection of sunglasses available ranging from Aviator sunglasses to Buckle styles to Clip ons, Diamond eyewear, Goggles, kids eyewear, even Vintage sunglasses and more.

Not only are there sunglasses here, you can also find sunglasses accessories including hard and soft cases, visor clips, floater straps, sunglass cords, cleaning cloths and cleaning gloves, fiber bags, even sunglass repair kits. They also have a range of display stands (that can hold from 3 pairs to 120) and sunglass cases.

Buying wholesale sunglasses is the wise choice for better profitability and customer satisfaction and you get better discounts as your order volume increases. No matter where you are located, they ship worldwide. Not only that, they will research the best rate available to ship your order.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Best Dressed at the Oscars

Anyone watched the Oscars? There were some surprise winners this year. Unfortunately, Avatar did not win the Best Picture award.

The part of the Oscars I like to watch is the red carpet segments. Clothes, of course. These are the better dresses this year. I think there wasn't anyone with a way-out outfit.

I'd say they are all urban clothing at their designer best.

Image source: In Style

Ferrari Parts are only a Drive or a Click away

I was invited to view a new property last week, whose owner has recently taken delivery of the keys. There in the parking lot was a bright lime green Lamborghini in the hardly-occupied parking lot. It's a brand new condo complex, you see.

As people become more brand conscious, including in the automobiles department, we are seeing more and more luxury cars on the road even though our roads do not cater to these high-speed cars that well.

Did you know that there are about 250 brand new Ferraris sold in Malaysia, of which 20 units were sold last year? The recent opening of Naza Italia Sdn Bhd’s RM20 million showroom and service centre for Ferrari and Maserati has made it more convenient for such car owners in terms of car sevice and availability of Maserati and Ferrari parts. Singapore used to be where the car owners head to.

Ferrari’s price ranges are from RM1.8 million onwards while a Maserati car is priced from RM1.18 million onwards.

Image source: Ferrari Malaysia

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Importance of Cables

If we were to analyse the workings of most gadgets and equipment, part of what makes them tick is the cable network.

For example, something as familiar as our car needs a system of various cables to get it moving as well as other parts of it working. The different cables would include automotive control cables, automotive clutch cables, automotive hood release cables, automotive brake release cables, and automotive seat cables. Looking at the names of each, you would have an idea what each cable is tasked to do.

Since 1974, CMA (Cable Manufacturing and Assembly Co. Inc.) has been designing and manufacturing quality mechanical cable assemblies for the Transportation, Furniture, Recreational Products and Medical industries. Many of the things with cable systems that we are using everyday could have been designed and manufactured by CMA.
If you are in an industry that requires the need for cables, CMA would be just the right supply source. If your requirement is for custom-made cables, their design engineers will work with you to design the most cost efficient and reliable cable assembly for your application.

Healthcare Jobs Available

In The Star paper today, there is an article that says "Singaporean white collar professionals are going though a rough patch in a changing world economy, having to compete for scarce jobs with a mass influx of ‘cheap foreigners’."

This is hardly surprising with two million foreigners in the city-state and most are willing to take the job for lesser salary.

Unemployed graduates are driving taxis for a living in Singapore though whatever job it is, if it puts food on the table, it's worth doing.

Whatever it is, certain jobs are not easy to fill, such as healthcare jobs where relevant qualifications are needed. Here in Malaysia, I read that there is a shortage of medical staff resulting in doctors in general hospitals working extra long hours in most cases.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Smart Cooling and Heating Solutions

The ultimate goal of every home is to be energy-independent. The goal or dream can now be realised through a product called GeOasis.

The company that specializes and offers geothermal systems and other earth-friendly and energy-efficient geothermal heating and air conditioning systems to the Phoenix, Arizona metro area is AC by Jay.

In the summer months of June, July and August, Phoenix can be extremely hot. This geothermal cooling solution is the perfect solution for homes to stay cool and comfortable all year round. In fact, we could use this geothermal system over here too.

A little information from the Science Dictionary on Geothermal energy:

Geothermal energy is power generated from natural steam, hot water, hot rocks, or lava in the Earth's crust. In general, geothermal power is produced by pumping water into cracks in the Earth's crust and then conveying the heated water or steam back to the surface so that its heat can be extracted through a heat exchanger, or its pressure can be used to drive turbines.

Cost-cutting measures

If one is serious about cutting costs, one of the ways would be to watch out for clearance sales of off-season goods. Take these Amish fireplaces, for instance. They are now on a Winter Clearance Sale.

Of course, people in the tropics don't need these but they would be useful elsewhere where winters are becoming more severe of late. Over here, we can take advantage of buying things we need during a sale, for instance. With the Chinese New Year just over, there would be lots of 'old stock' to be cleared. Some stores are offering discounts to boost sales.

Friday Frolics - Would You Choose Love or Money?

This week's quiz may be lame for some but I thought it's rather interesting. Of course money is important but when it comes to real happiness, love wins in the end - for me at least.

Would this quiz be applicable to the guys? Take it anyway to find out your inclination. Come on, play along, it's only a quiz. It's Friday, remember? Have fun!

You Would Choose Love

Money may buy a little happiness, but not the happiness of true love.

You rather have a true soulmate than a private jet.

And while many people may claim they would choose love too...

You're one of the few who would really do it.

RM9 Air Asia flight / Matta Fair 12-14 March, PWTC

That's right.  Air Asia is offering its Big Sale again with flights starting for as low as RM9.

All destinations apply from March 3 to 7, with domestic destinations like Penang, Langkawi, Terengganu, Johor Baru and Kota Baru priced from RM9 one-way.

To Kuching for RM29 and to Kota Kinabalu for RM49 one-way. For international flights, Austra­lian destinations such as Gold Coast, Melbourne and Perth start at RM149 one-way, while a ticket to London is going for RM699.

To enjoy the discounts, passengers must book their trip between March 3 and 7 for travel between Sept 25 this year and Feb 13 next year.

And for those looking to find other travel bargains, head on over to the Matta Fair slated for 12-14 March at PWTC (Putra World Trade Centre) from 10am to 9pm. Happy bargain-hunting!