Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bag that bag

Last Saturday, I was caught unawares shopping at Giant supermarket. I didn't know Saturdays are no shopping bag days or rather I have read about it but it did not register.

Anyway, they have a new twist to it. Either shoppers pay twenty sen per bag or contribute to their kitty. I did the latter.

That episode serves as a reminder for me to bring along a shopping bag anytime I leave the house - never know when I'll need it.  Have you started shopping with your own bags? If so. kudos!


  1. It's something like Singapore. When you take away your food, you have to pay 20 cents. :)

  2. Doesn't it put you off when you need to bring your own bag? There's no such policy here in NSW state. I heard it's no bags 365 days in SA (South Australia).

  3. Jfook, most supermarkets here in KL are starting to practise this either on Sat or certain day of the month while the restaurant at Ikea charges 20sen for each bag. I paid for the bag when I bought their famous curry puffs the other day.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. It did initially but am getting used to the idea.

    Ai Shiang, you lost me there about no bags 365 days in SA. You mean they don't provide bags at all and you have to bring your own all the time? If so, they are ahead of the game then.

  5. I keep a bag in my bicycle panier and K keeps bags in her car. Plastic of many kinds is choking our oceans, we need to put an end to those plastic bags before they put an end to us.

  6. PandaB, yes, plastic bags in the ocean will choke us up one day if we are not careful. Great idea about keeping bags in the car. Thanks.