Friday, March 5, 2010

Cost-cutting measures

If one is serious about cutting costs, one of the ways would be to watch out for clearance sales of off-season goods. Take these Amish fireplaces, for instance. They are now on a Winter Clearance Sale.

Of course, people in the tropics don't need these but they would be useful elsewhere where winters are becoming more severe of late. Over here, we can take advantage of buying things we need during a sale, for instance. With the Chinese New Year just over, there would be lots of 'old stock' to be cleared. Some stores are offering discounts to boost sales.


  1. We Malaysians don't need it...yet. :p

  2. Unless we are in the highlands such as in Genting Highlands or Cameron Highlands. Believe me, it can get very cold up there at night.

  3. I miss having a a LOT.