Thursday, December 22, 2005

999 Roses for your sweetheart

While we're still on LOVE, how would you ladies (men too, why not?)
like to receive 999 red roses from your significant other or someone
who is so smitten with love for you?

Well, a gentleman in Penang just did that. He sent his lady love
999 red roses for her birthday. It's in a bouquet shaped like a
three-dimensional heart, decorated with silver ornaments and a
crystal. He said “I wanted her to have an unforgettable birthday
and also wish that her happiness will be jiu jiu (very long)." sweet. Btw, the present came with a price-tag of
RM3,500 (approx USD920).

Now, would you ladies love to receive such a present and would you
gentlemen give such a gift? Common, let's hear it.

Read story: 999 roses for a lady...The Star


  1. if i have the loot.. why not?
    but that also depends on the receiver too :)

  2. Poor Flower.. happy florist!

  3. Jellyfish, it takes two to tango.

    Robin, my exact sentiments. I'd rather have the flowers on the plant than in a bouquet. Tsk! Tsk! Florists need to live too.

  4. ... reminds me of an old song - 99 red balloons or something like that ...

    hmmm his present for her next birthday has got to be pretty spectacular to top this - 1001 Dalmatians???
    hee hee hee! ;-)

  5. FH2o, like the song goes 'Diamonds are a girl's best friend'. Dalmations pulak and 1001 of them. Cruella would like that though.

    How come you're still at work? You made so many of those colourful edibles last night? Don't you want a headstart?

  6. I prefer something more practical :D

  7. Hi Chen, different strokes for different folks rings true. That's why the world is such an interesting place. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Please don't give my wife any ideas...

  9. hehe i would rather we have a RM3500 travel trip. ^_^ maybe it's becuz i m allergic to pollen. ooops...

  10. Aiyo, Chen, not romantic one.. typical lokun.. haha.. yd sama sama..

    Merry Christmas to Everyone!

  11. louyau-mike, chocolates anytime, right? hahaha.....

    MM, or your wife may give you the roses? ;)

    yd, perhaps artificial flowers would work for you? Imagine 999 plastic red roses. Hmmm...

    Robin, Merry Xmas again.

    Everyone, Merry Xmas!

  12. How about a vacuum cleaner so she knows what her future will be like?

    JUST KIDDING, ladies!

    Actually, I'm with Happysurfer. A few roses for the vase and a beautiful variety rose bush - to represent a love that grows and lasts.

  13. Well, I read the linked story and this chick already has had guys give her 99 roses and 108 roses before. So what does she give in return? I hope the current boyfriend gets his 999 roses worth.

    Uh-oh, clumsy, politically incorrect Panda comment again!

    I meant to say, I wish the loving couple all the best and I'm quite sure the number of roses and value of gifts is just an expression of their feelings and not the price of them.

    Oops! There I go again. Panda puts another paw in his mouth.

  14. panda must have done something un-romantic b4 n i wonder how K reacted. hehehe...

    seems artificial roses don't work for me either. sticking to the RM3500 trip! ^_^

    (gosh, how un-romantic i can be... are all statiticians like this?)

  15. Well, I read the linked story and this chick already has had guys give her 99 roses and 108 roses before. So what does she give in return? I hope the current boyfriend gets his 999 roses worth.

    He'll get what the other guys got: her leaving him for someone willing to giver her 1081 roses. (Keep the pattern going...)

    YD, how about 999 teabags of rose hip tea? No pollen, no plastic, and it's good for your health!

  16. still trip trip trip... hehe...

    calculation shows that RM3500 entitled me to a 2 weeks backpack travel around Europe. hehe

    um.. on second thought, to be coherent to the main theme, make it a 2-person trip, for 1 week backpack travel around Europe. ;0)

  17. there any cure for the travel bug? ;-)

  18. RM 3500 for month-long stay in Cameron Highland's rose farm, easily surrounded by thousands of living roses at all time?

    Well, that's probably why i'm still single, huh...:p

    Arhh, yd's time will come, Moody. Perhaps she'll bugged something else by then, hehe...

  19. I wonder what would the loving couple say if they're reading our comments. Of course, we all wish them well and more roses to come.

    Thank you all for sharing your thoughts.

  20. I'm with YD in that I like the idea of spending the money on a really wonderful trip. Of course me being me it would work best if there were boats involved. Maybe a whitewater workshop, whee!

    However I'm a bad bad person to ask 'cause I have to admit that I think that I officially flunked Romanticism 101 - and this is how: I don't date much but there was one guy that I dated for a couple of years. He bought me flowers once, early on. I, uh, kept forgetting to take them home & they kind of died in his apartment. Oops. I felt bad about that.

  21. Dear, dear Bonnie, that's a new one I have not heard of. Poor chap. haha! Tks for visiting.

  22. He was a really nice guy. He did eventually find a nice girl to marry. Not that I'm not nice but I bet she was probably a little less dense about things like when your boyfriend gives you flowers you are supposed to take them home and put them in a vase and appreciate them, not leave them sitting in a pitcher next to his bureau (duh).

  23. It takes two to tango and if two people are not meant to be together notwithstanding flowers and such, then it won't happen, right? Life goes on.....happy kayaking, etc., etc.

  24. Very true.

    Oh, and he didn't like water that was too deep to see the bottom! Definitely not Meant to Be! :D

    And I still like your blog even though you aren't a kayaker! My mistake, somehow from a comment somewhere I thought you were involved in that Boxing Day trip.