Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Merry Christmas Everyone!

This is the time to be merry. Really. Christmas is such a
jolly time. There's so much spirit in the air - so much cheer.
So let me contribute just a little extra smile to this world
we call the blogosphere. Merry Christmas everyone and hope the
new year brings better tidings to one and all.


  1. ... even to those who had been ignored ... ;o)

    Merry Xmas!

  2. merry xmas to u too!

  3. Christmas is about time for me to geta new pair of glasses..

    Oh it the picture really really blur blur... or do I really need new glasses?

    (Peeping under the metal table, holding my glasses)

  4. Robin, don't forget to match it with the CK piece - red.

    Yeah lah, dunno why it became blur blur - must be the snow in Bangalore. hehe! Btw, they're changing the name to Bengalooru or something - back to the pre-colonial name.

    FH2o, Jellyfish, hi! Merry Xmas again.

  5. merry christmas to u too :)

  6. Clicked on the cartoon and it was crystal clear.

    Too funny and sad at the same time. If only we could outsource our politicians! Like to Mars.

  7. Merry Xmas! is the next one from china? :-P

  8. Pandabonium, Mars, eh? That's a good one. Glad you dun need new glasses. haha!

    Chen, yd, hi and Merry Xmas! China? That's a thought too.

  9. Few from Malaysia for sure: Go to the local megamall near you!

    Mina-san...Merry Christmas!

  10. Have a happy Christmas / Xmas / Noel / Yule / Winter Solstice / Saturnalia / holiday season / mad year-end shopping and gift-giving spree / whatever you choose to call it, everyone! Remember who is important in your life!

    (As for me, I call it Christmas. Always have and always will.)

  11. MM, I can identify with Winter Solstice as the Chinese celebrates this as a festival and a key one at that besides the Lunar New Year. This is more a traditional practice rather than a religious one.

    Have a Merry Christmas in the land of the Rising Sun.