Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Taugeh (bean sprouts) going up by 10 sen

Aiyoh! Even taugeh has not been spared.

The humble taugeh, a popular and cheap vegetable, has not been spared the effects of spiralling prices. The price will cost 10 sen more from Saturday, Dec 10.

Taugeh is widely used for hawker food, i.e., taugeh chicken hor fun, char koay teow, hokkien mee, mee rebus, tauhu sumbat, poh piah and pasembur. It is also served as a side dish with salted fish.

According to taugeh producers, the increase is necessary due to the increased cost of the raw material, the imported mung beans. A gunny sack of beans used to cost RM75 but it is now RM135.

Read story: Price of taugeh going up by 10 sen...The Star


  1. There is this hawker place in kuching where the fried taugeh kway tiaw is out of this world! Any similar places in KL? Must have I am sure! Pl email me with details! Dont forget the bak kua also! Thks!

  2. Not sure which part of KL you will be at but there's one along Jalan Imbi, near Sungei Wang area. The coffeeshop is at the corner along Jalan Imbi. That coffeeshop has got supposedly one of the best char koay teow in KL and THE best meatball noodle in KL. Other got-to-try food is the chee cheong fun and the pork noodles. (I'm hungry already just thinking of them.) If you're there, just beside the coffeeshop is "Lim Meng Kee" which has very yummy bak kua besides other tidbits. They make good gifts.

    That's not all, and then at night, the parking space across the street is turned into a food bazaar and if you're a lover of shellfish like cockles and lala and balitong, there's a stall that has those supa-dupa, mouth-watering dishes.

    Some more.... you want to know or not?

  3. Wah lau, I also want to go KL.. for See Hum!!!!

    and Sir Holy Water, how come you didn't bring me to eat that devilish Char Kway Tiaw?

    (see lah, saliva everywhere liao, all your fault)

  4. happy - TQ! You're an angel!
    "yes! tell me more! tell me more!"

    robin - ok lah, bring u there next time lor! But that'll cost you one more packet of bak kua! hee hee!

  5. fh2o, you'll have to tell me what others you're looking forward as there are so many good stuff in KL minus kayaking lah.

  6. I am listening...to happyeater...hehe!

    Maybe we in KL should do a QC for our friends first? Yummy!!! :)

  7. All these taugeh talk makes me dream about the char koew teow back home... I love taugeh and used to ask the vendor to put extra taugeh for me...

  8. Hi Lrong, good to have you back. Yeah-lah, char kway teow without taugeh is not char kway teow.