Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Crooks are getting creative

Stinking day for clerk who loses RM46,000

KUALA LUMPUR: It was a “stinking” day for a despatch clerk.

The 50-year old man was just outside the Maybank branch in Bukit Bintang at 12.30pm with RM46,000 to deposit when he noticed a peculiar smell coming from his body.

He realised that his shirtsleeve was covered with faeces.

Along came a Good Samaritan, believed to be a Caucasian, who offered to help him to clean up.

After the Samaritan had gone, the clerk found that it wasn’t just the sleeve that the man cleaned.

His sling bag containing the money was also gone.

Police said they were looking at closed circuit videos to find out the identity of the Caucasian.

Source: The Star


  1. oh no... Ang Moh stealing money!!!

    To those colour crazy people, dun think that Ang Moh is high class ..

    There are crooks everywhere! Low crime does not mean NO CRIME!

  2. This must be a first or thereabouts in this country. You're right that low crime does not mean no crime.

    I dun know about Sgp but there are lots of incidences in KL of people losing their money after visiting the bank.

  3. Someone poured shit on his shirt sleeve and he didn't notice until the stench hit him? Hmmmm Those ang-mohs must know that we are really blur ... or is it that when u hit 50; u become more blur? Must be more careful by this time next year.

    Another moral to the story - when going to bank; wear only short sleeve shirt!

    Btw; its FH2o not Fh2o! Careful about the typos there ok? :0)
    And its not "Robin" - its "'BIN"!!

  4. halo...
    thx for visiting my blog.

    i see that u like read 'the star'
    me too...

    how come i havent come across this news one? ish.... i'm a bad newspaper reader.

  5. Faeces! this is a new trick!

    My dad works in a bank, and he told me there are other creative ways that these thieves operate near ATM... like some ppl who ask you for any change of US dollars, which interestingly turned up to be 'yam see ji' (money for the dead) later. and some who 'good-heartedly' tell you that you dropped some money on the floor, and by the time you pick the RM10 up, your RM500 in your pocket is gone.

    clever thieves, some said they have fast hands, some said they use a bit of hypnotizing, but all in all, we should just be careful.

    oh ya! be careful of magnetic scan on the ATM machine, an ATM in my university campus has just been tagged with it!

  6. happysurfer...you mean LOTS of incidences??? Darn! I wonder why it only happened in our city? Someone did a research for new tricks or it's just flaws in our current banking system?

    Look at the bright side, it's better to loose money that way, rather than because of some so-called magic stones or ended up with old newspapaer with empty mineral bottles...these guys are Pro, really! :p

    fh2o...you are over-reacting. Anyway you are only 19 in your heart, so cheers :)

  7. FH2o, why so picky one ah? U are listed as 'fh2o' - see for yourself.

    Good moral - remind us to remind you this time next year about wearing short sleeved-shirt to the bank.

    Hi Jellyfish, thanks for visiting. I prefer The Star and I do sometimes miss news too so you're not alone.

    yd, these thieves are so quick and at times, the victim doesn't even know he has been hit until he reaches home like a friend of mine. Only at home he realised that the money was gone when he couldn't locate it which he remembered putting into his pants pocket.

    Low, I don't think it's a banking system flaw. It's just crime rates have risen with criminals being cleverer to the detriment of society at large.

    Talk about magic stones, I hear the latest ploy is perfumes that knock one out and realising you've lost your valuables when you come to. Like I said, lots of various tactics the crooks are using.

    Is this happening in other cities too I wonder.

    Thank you, all.

  8. Aiyo, the ploy of magic stones, perfumes and missing relatives.

    Sad to say I am a victim of one case too...

    Will put in on my blog when I feel like crying..

    BTW.. Ignore the sensitive 19 years old.. aiyo, what's with the name...

    (hidding under the metal table again.. and reserving a space for you too)

  9. I am still NOT happy with my name on your Links - learn to type FH2o repeat FH2o repeat FH2o ...not Fh2o. The H in CAPS lah! Maybe your eyesight just like your typing!
    And the 'BIN is still not collected, oops, corrected!

    Better stop - otherwise she may delete me and I become ... "boh tee liaow"!

    Good of u to remind me on the short sleeve next year and yes dont forget the present!! ;o)

    Low - 19? The guys I kayak with tell me that they feel like I'm in my twenties. Just because they cannot keep up they say things like that! Or maybe they just want to borrow kayak for free. Thks!

    Now, if you'll excuse me - I'll have to go and look for something long and sharp for poking things out from under tables!

  10. fh2o, the caps on my keyboard simply do not work with yr name leh. I also don't know why. heheheh......

    Let me agree with you, you're right, they just want to borrow your kayaks. :O

    Robin, thanks for the offer - no need lah. The 19-year-old just need H2O to pacify him - H2O as in kayak, H2O as in swimming poooool.

  11. This is new. I wouldn't want to be the one who suddenly stunk. That's a pretty expensive clean up. But then again, I don't get to handle that kind of money either. Only nice smells from me, for now at least.

  12. Hi Agus, thanks for visiting. Stinky, alright. Visited ur blog. Great blog.

  13. happy - doubtless that you'll be 'happy' to note that there is an oblique reference to your 'love' of the water in my latest posting ... hee hee hee

    BTW thanks for including me in your link; Fh2o instead of FH2o not withstanding! Let me buy you dinner or at the very least some H2o or H2OH!(if i can find it) on my next trip up to KL! Ok?

  14. FH2o, (hey! the caps work again.) thanks for the highlight. Have read the post - very enlightening and allayed some fears but still........

    Thank you for the generous offer, kind sir. For a link I get a dinner - not bad! not bad at all!(Hey Robin, are you reading this?)
    Thanks again....que sera sera.

  15. Several years ago there was a female bank robber in California who held up banks with a gun while going "topless". It worked for a while as she used a hat to obscure her face from cameras and the witnesses could only remember her breasts!

  16. woah!
    And no pandabonium, oops! i mean pandemonium in the bank during the holdup? ;o)

  17. Pandabonium, wow! talk about creativity! The lady had guts and probably a great bod. The witnesses must have enjoyed the identification process.

    FH2o, pandemonium alright. haha!

  18. I think my di*k can only be an easy target for those MAN cops...oh, WOMEN, don't miss-uses your body! :p

  19. Low, whatever works, man.....the end justifies the means. hahahah...