Monday, December 5, 2005

Red Envelopes and the Law of Attraction

Are you superstitious?

Interesting article from Catherine Franz.

Red Envelopes and the Law of Attraction
The Universe sends me messages all the time. Last month, a
particular one jumped out at me when I was reading, "Feng
Shui for Dummies." It is a short half-page box about red
envelopes. The main message was about how red envelopes is
a tradition in Chinese history. The Chinese would insert
money into a red envelope, usually a coin, and then present
the envelope to the person performing a Feng Shui cure for
good luck.

The information didn't say much to me but the very next day
I was passing by a yard sale. I stop at yard sales maybe
once a year. This one seemed to pull me back. A mile or
two down the road, I did a u-turn. I didn't really want to
be there but since I was already out of the car, I shrugged
and remembered that heart pull that made me turn the car

Yard sales are okay, however, it’s the people that I want to
know more about. This lead to a discussion with the lady as
I scanned the tables There they were, red envelopes. Still
wrapped in its original packaging. Five cents, what a
steal. I grabbed them, paid the lady, slightly giddy
because I had never seen bright #10 red envelopes, only red
Christmas card envelopes. Afterwards I asked if she knew
what the Chinese tradition was. She said she did, she is a
Feng Shui consultant but she stopped using the envelopes
years ago.

Well, you know what they say about yard sales, "One persons
trash is another’s treasure." A few days later I was
writing an attraction check -- a donation above the 10% that
is paid to the universe. It was to a website that promotes
writers. It was only for $2.00, however, what I've learned
it isn't the amount and the figure came from finding $20.
The gesture is about attracting more money -- keeping the
flow open with the Universe. I placed it in the red
envelope and mailed it later that day.

I found two quarters next to the mail box. Later that day I
bought a lottery ticket, something I seldom do, and won $10.
Later I found a $10 bill in the pocket of a pair of slacks I
bought at the thrift shop. I was seeing the Law of Tenfold
occurring in rapid order.

I laughed a little, took $2.25 cash and placed it in another
red envelope, this time I mailed it to another place that I
felt strong pull towards. Again, my inner voice said, "That
isn't much." The universal voice counter balanced it with,
"It isn't the amount, and it’s the energy that you feel
towards who you are giving it to. Look where it originally
came from." Ah, trust. It does take consciousness.

The red letters continue to go out. I send out my 10% and
the Law of Tenfold transpires in so many forms. Now, I
can't say it’s the red envelopes, nor can I say it’s only
the contribution energy it’s being mailed with. What I can
say is that I did this before the red envelopes and the Law
of Tenfold worked occasionally but since the results are
almost a perfect percentage.

At the moment, I'm out looking for more bright red
envelopes, the #10 kind. When I find them, I'll post the
vendor information in the comments section. That is, unless
you know where I can find them, then let me know.

If you tried this, let me know your story. Sharing is part
of Law of Tenfold. Always remember the key is to ask for it
back after you sent your contribution out. Ask for it back
tenfold. And don't forget the 10% back when it returns.
This maintains the flow of money in your life and with the


  1. Any pics of those 'miraculous' #10 red envelopes so that I know how they look like so I can look out for 'em when I go up to KL this Friday :)

    Maybe Robin can find 'em in Spore. He is a GREAT Shopper as most Sporeans tend to be! (but he is exceptional)

    On a more serious note - "Giving is the Same thing as Receiving". Deepak Chopra's Seven Spiritual Laws of Success?

  2. fh2o, I'm afraid I do not have any pics but I did a little searching and found out that #10 envelopes are those that measure 4 1/8" x 9 1/2" which is quite like the long envelopes that we are using.

    You will be in KL? Hmm......
    Enjoy yr visit.

    Deepak Chopra - great wisdom.

  3. I have never seen or heard anything like this.. perhaps I hope some billionaire will sent me a red envelope based on the law of tenfold.

    Meanwhile, I guess I have to work..

    heehee (@')

  4. I always believe generosity begets generosity. I remember making a small donation on a visit to a temple, and over the w/e I made some money in the Genting casino and that was a rare visit uphill.

  5. I stopped believing in coincidences a long time ago. Too many bizarre things have happened in my life to be a die-hard skeptic, no matter how logical I may pretend (and fail) to be.

    I don't know much about Feng Shui, but it is really fascinating.

  6. MM, I strongly believe that nothing significant happens by chance and that there is a grand scheme of things somewhere. I also believe that there is an unseen force in the universe that helps things along. We just need to know how to harness that energy to our advantage. Prayer is one form of harnessing that energy.

    As for everyday mundane events, coincidences do occur especially when the parties are very much connected emotionally.

    Feng shui is indeed a fascinating and complex subject. I don't know enough of it to provide any guidance but feng shui practices are part common sense. The Chinese are great believers of feng shui but now even Westerners and others have adopted its principles. Many people mistake feng shui as part of religion which really is not.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  7. Hi HappySurfer.. so u are Lilian Three?

    Or Lilian One? Since Two is already taken.

  8. No lah, Robin, I'm nowhere near a Lilian but I find feng shui fascinating so I try to read up on it and try to apply it. I remember reading a post on your blog positively commenting feng shui. Are you a practitioner?

  9. To be focused on beliefs that promise to profit one monetarily is a very natural human tendency. It is also a sure way to unhappiness in my humble opinion. Letting go of such desires frees one from suffering.

    On the practical side, do the math and you will see it is impossible in the finite world in which we live.

    What I know of Feng Shui is actually from a little book called "Wrong Shui" - which wisely says "never put a rock near a hard place."