Friday, August 3, 2012

Google Doodle Doo..

A Google doodle a day keeps the blues away! Indeed, Google has done up a daily doodle of the games in the London 2012 Olympics. Today's Google doodle is dedicated to Shot put.

The shot put is a track and field event involving "putting" (throwing in a pushing motion) a heavy metal ball—the shot—as far as possible. It is common to use the term "shot put" to refer to both the shot itself and to the putting (throwing) action. - (Wikipedia)
Yesterday's Google doodle was for Table tennis.

Others so far include:

Gymnastics, Hockey, Archery and Swimming
Opening Ceremony

Which is your favorite Google doodle? Also, show us your doodles if you are doing any doodling yourself.


  1. don't we just love how creative and "refreshing" google is??

  2. good morning Happy!! the google doodle gets you so fascinated you have forgotten about your Friday Frolics again?? hehehehe~~ :p

  3. I'm not a sports fan, so the Google Doodles are what I enjoy most about the Olympics! :D

    Will today's Friday Frolics have a sporty theme?

  4. Yes! Like SK said, what about the Friday Frolics?! ^^

  5. All doodles about London 2012 Olympics are cute and funny. Good collection....

  6. SK, creative and refreshing, indeed they are. I actually look forward to seeing one every time I go on a Google search. If that's not Google addiction, I don't know what it is.

  7. Rurousha, Google Doodles, it is then, in support of the Olympics!

  8. SK, Rurousha,
    Oh gosh, you people are hardcore, you know that?! But I likee... LOL

  9. KQ, indeed, they are. Thank you for stopping by. Happy Olympics!