Sunday, August 12, 2012

Monorail drama downtown Kuala Lumpur

There was some drama downtown yesterday afternoon when a monorail coach suddenly stopped on the tracks due to a malfunction. It happened in Brickfields in front of Wisma Monorail and near Siew Dor apartments as reported yesterday.

A total of 183 people were left stranded for close to an hour before they were rescued by firemen using two Skylift cranes.

Three passengers, including a pregnant woman, reportedly fainted when the air-conditioning system failed due to a power loss.

The two-car train, which was packed with people commuting to the city, stalled at around 2pm yesterday after leaving the Tun Sambathan station.

More in The Star..Rescue drama after monorail malfunction

Image source: The Star


  1. i see, just halted there only.. cos my friend told me it was a collision but i search up and down in facebook there's no news.. by right if there's a monorail collision, sure those photo/news sharing will flood my page..

  2. but how ironic, they halted right in front of their HQ building!! huhuhuhu~~

  3. Gosh...not again....

  4. The other time was a wheel fell and now stalled

  5. Not too bad, compared to the mishaps of Singapore's MRT...

  6. The problem with the monorail stopping there is the air con also stops working and the air inside becomes unbearably hot. Some of the passengers could not breathe and that's scary!