Friday, August 10, 2012

Google Olympic doodle Number 15 - Soccer

Google has churned out yet another Olympic doodle that is interactive. This is the third interactive Google Olympic doodle after Hurdles and Slalom canoe. Soccer gets the honour today and this is the 15th Google doodle in the series for the London Olympics.

Going to the Google Search page today will take you to the Soccer Google doodle. After today, you can still continue to play Olympic soccer.

Other Google Olympic doodles include the earlier doodles for archery, swimming, gymnastics, hockey, fencing, table tennis, shopt put and the opening ceremony; pole vault; synchronized swimming; javelin; hurdles; slalom canoe and today's doodle, soccer.

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  1. very nice to sharing this information about london 2012 soccer. Football was introduced as a medal sport at the Paris 1900 Olympic Games.The first women’s competition was at Atlanta 1996