Monday, August 20, 2012

Extreme Couponing - What is it?

What grabs my attention on tv nowadays, besides the EPL football matches, is a new program called Extreme Couponing currently airing on the TLC Channel. We are currently viewing Season 1 of the series which is in its Season 4 in the US.

How would you like to go grocery-shopping and ending up paying a mere 5 or 10% of the total bill or even getting all your purchases for FREE? That can only be achieved through Extreme couponing and that, my dear Malaysians, is never going to happen here. Extreme couponing is only happening in the United States, and it's a lot of hardwork though gratifying for the people who are doing it.

What is Extreme couponing, you might ask.

Extreme couponing is an activity that involves combining shopping skills with couponing (collecting and using coupons) in an attempt to save as much money as possible while stockpiling groceries that will see you and your family having food readily available or have more than enough to contribute to a community food bank. One couponer from Kentucky, Nathan Engels, has even assembled 1000 military care packages. Nathan also contributes to a local food bank.

Watch Extreme Couponers at work..

or know more about Couponing on the Krazy Coupon Lady channel..

The increase in the real-world practice of extreme couponing is attributed to the television show and a difficult economy. If you go online, there are many websites that offer tutorials on extreme couponing, including sources for coupons. Just like any other trends, extreme couponing does have its pros and concerns. A knowledge of Coupon Etiquette could give you a good start to couponing or extreme couponing.

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- A Beginner's Guide: 10 days to become a Krazy Coupon Lady. Here you will also learn the jargon involved in couponing and the nitty-gritty of this artform. Yes, extreme couponing is really a lot of detailed hardwork.

Happy extreme couponing!

P.S. This author is happy just to get a 20% off an item during a regular non-sale period. Btw, talk about savings, currently Malaysia is having its annual Mega Sale Carnival, where discounts are as much as 70%. Take advantage of it, go shopping now! That's extreme savings in our local context!

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  1. just watch it too!, would have been better if Giant or Jusco have this usable coupon too! just have to pay few cents for hundreds ringgit of grocery.

  2. really? will never happen in malaysia? so sad.

  3. Nice if Malaysia adopted this system:)

  4. wish malaysia will have such couponssss

  5. I dream for the day malaysia hv such coupons.
    Sadly, even items advertised on sale, only hv two pieces per week..can u believe it? Why do sale if like that. Small shop ok la..this is aeon not sincere.

  6. malaysia cannot adapt this system. surely tesco giant and others will go bankrupt.