Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Frolics - The Weirdo Test

'Weirdo' is a term that makes me cringe whenever I hear people using it, but just for this week's Friday frolicking, let's do The Weirdo Test for the purpose of knowing a little bit more about ourselves.

I'd give this a 3 rating..

Rating Guide
1 = Absolutely not true
2 = Some truth
3 = 50% true
4 = Mostly true
5 = Close to 100% true

Happy Friday everyone and to Malaysians, Happy Merdeka Day too!

Today, Malaysia celebrates her 55th year of Independence from Britain.

You Are Reserved

Some may find you to be a bit harsh, but if anything you are a realist. You see things as they are.

You are shy when it comes to romance. You are the type of person who waits to be approached.

You are both practical and courageous. You are willing to act boldly when it really matters.

You like to think before you talk or act. You want to do the right thing, and you refuse to be rushed.


  1. oh, i chose the same!! and the analysis is somehow quite true about myself.. :)

  2. Bananaz sama sama SK & HS..quite true leh..

  3. I'm an Optimistic! LOL! Well, I would say it's 60% true : D

  4. SK, I'm always fascinated by this hairdo. I find it cute! LOL

  5. Bananaz, you too? haha..

    How are you? It's been a while.

  6. Foong, 60% is good enough, especially when it says you are an Optimist. Eh?