Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Have Toyota will travel

This one doesn't run on petrol nor diesel. The new technological
breakthrough in engine design uses only biodegradable materials
and with very low maintenance costs.


  1. And Yes - the 'engine' can be 're-cycled' when it is rosak already; you can BBQ and feast on it! :-)

  2. Now that's a thought.

  3. I am ready for the BeeBeeQue... I will bring some greens for balance...

  4. Natural fuel by biomass from cow dung is available if u really wants it. hehe...

  5. Lrong, yr greens would go so well at fh2o's BeeBeeQue party (let's not wait for another birthday, fh2o) and in the meantime, you (Lrong) could use yd's idea to fatten up yr plants before we harverst them. Who else has great ideas too?

    Hey People, thanks for visiting.

  6. Ok. I'll just come with the latest version of Toyota COWrolla then. The one with milk! Hehe!

  7. oops! typo-error. Should have been 'harvest'. Apologies.

    Now we have milk to add to the BeeBeeQue. Is this going to be from Taiping or Penang, Low?

  8. Actually I am using the 'Natural fuel by biomass from cow dung' for my garden... the fermented ones from the DIY...

  9. Actually it would be NICE if we can all get together for a BBQ! Lounging on the timber deck at my place overlooking the river ...
    Somebody slap me quick! :o)

  10. Taiping more green, so i guess the milk will be better :p Anyway i think our COWrolla can't cross the sea mighty sea to the land of hormbills.

    Sorry, fh2o, hehe! But maybe we can fly there sometime, need not to slap our future host, hehe!!!:)

  11. Lrong, no kidding! What a coincidence.

    fh2o, what a lovely thought. Haven't you noticed? We're in fact gathering stuff for a cyber-BBQ.

    We've got the cows, the greens nicely fattened by the biomass from the DIY store. Then we've got Low's milk. Now we have the
    offer of a timber deck overlooking the river. To round off an enjoyable evening, perhaps fh2o can supply his kayaks for an after-dinner trip down the river. Okaaaay......Wake up, everybody. Nice though. ;)

  12. No problems with the kayaks - I've got 5 of 'em at the last count ... :o)
    I know, I know, I've been told that, that's CRAZY!

  13. Five kayaks! I'm just imagining me owning five bicycles. Oh-well, to each his own. At least we'll have enough kayaks to go around when we do have that BBQ, right?

  14. Different kayaks for different usage/conditions -
    1. recreation
    2. whitewater
    3. river touring
    4. sea kayaking
    5. travelling/expedition
    yeah, yeah, i know i'm a bit much ...

  15. fh2o, thanks for the enlightenment. More info pls - does that mean they are all different in shape, size, material, etc? Or is the info somewhere on yr blog? Tks.