Monday, November 14, 2005

Low's Peak on Mount Kinabalu

Going through the World Heritage Tour, spotted Low's Peak
indicated on the map (top left) of Mount Kinabalu. Was wondering if
this peak is creditted to you, Low? Who knows?

It is a good thing that Mount Kinabalu has been designated a world heritage site. This is one of two in Malaysia. The other being the Mulu National Park.


  1. No, maybe not. I am too young for that, haha!

    But actually i only found out about the Low's peak few months before we finally conqure it on July, 2005. Shame on me! :p

    This view in the photo is probably taken along the main road, outside the Kinabalu Pine Resort. We stayed here for a night after we completed the 4095.2m hike, enjoying life of the sleepy town of Kundasang, have breakfast with Mount. Kinabalu as backdrop!

    Thanks for bringing back the sweet memories...or NOT. Because we will be going back again, next year, hehehe...

  2. Going back again next year. Wow! Some people have not even been there (meaning me) while some people go there like annually (meaning you lah). The place must be really fascinating.

  3. Go see for yourself, my friend! It can be a totally different country, depends on how you look at it.

    Good thing about life is, you get to choose to be which "some people" :) Or while you still can? :p

  4. Low, very nicely put. Looking at the pictures in your post, the place does look awesome - reminiscent of the Swiss Alps which I see on postcards and magazines. You have my interest stirred.