Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Poll: Hong Kong is the best place to surf

If you are in Hong Kong, you are in the best place where surfing the Net is concerned as Hong Kong has been voted the 'Best place to surf' in a poll conducted by Intel Corp.

The Star reported that "A recent poll conducted by Intel Corp rated Hong Kong as the best place in Asia to surf the Net."

The Pacific Coffee Company’s shop at Hong Kong Peak won top honours as Asia’s favourite wireless hotspot in an online poll conducted by the chip giant last month.

The poll noted that a “magnificent harbor view together with a cup of coffee and wireless Internet access proved to be the winning combination.”

The poll drew 1,996 participants from more than 20 countries. Participants, comprising business and leisure travelers, were asked to choose from a shortlisted roll of 36 hotspots from 10 countries in the region.

The Starbucks Coffee Company shop at Circular Quay in Sydney, which is next to the world famous Opera House and the Harbor Bridge, ranked second in the poll, while the Suntec City Convention Centre in Singapore, the country’s most popular venue for exhibitions and international conferences, came third, Intel said.

The other top 10 winners included: Beijing International Capital Airport, Shanghai Xintiandi, Taipei's National Museum of History, and Korea's Jeju Island.

Read article: Poll: Hong Kong is the best place to surf...The Star

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