Friday, August 11, 2006

Flight Chaos

Some unfortunate people are still suffering the effects of war and here another senseless incident has occurred causing anguish (I am lost for better words) to those involved. Seems like some people enjoy death, others as well as their own. Fortunately, the horrible act was nipped in the bud.

The word "FOILED!" is splashed on The Star's front-page today in connection to a plot to blow up planes from Britain to the US.

Hundreds of thousands of travellers around the world were left stranded following the foiling of a terrorist plot to blow up planes flying between Britain and the United States.

The worst affected were those travelling in and out of Heathrow Airport where authorities imposed stringent rules on baggage especially carry-on bags.

> British police say they have arrested 21 people in London and Birmingham.

> Plot involved a “number of aircraft” and a “liquid chemical” device is believed to be involved.

> No hand luggage allowed on planes except essential items in see-through bags.

> Some European airlines cancelled flights to all British airports. Thousands of passengers stranded.

> US raises security alert on passenger planes to its highest level for the first time.

> US bans carrying of liquids on airplanes.

> LATEST ... British airports operator BAA said it has been given approval by air traffic control authorities to resume shorthaul flights.

More...The Star

The New Straits Times: Biggest terror threat since 9/11
Britain says foiled 'mass murder' plot to blow up planes

In the New York Times:

Pictures from The NY Times:
Armed policemen roamed the floor Thursday in Gatwick Airport near London.

Baby formula was one liquid allowed on flights on Thursday. An infant at Edinburgh airport kept a ready supply

Tightened security rules produced long lines and confusion at the San Francisco International Airport, and other airports across the United States Thursday.

At Newark airport, Alex Quinterla repacked his suitcase after learning that certain items could not be kept in carry-on luggage.

At Dulles International Airport outside Washington, a new warning for passengers.

Various liquids are now prohibited in carry-on bags

Under the new rules, liquids cannot be taken through security checkpoints. A passenger at Dulles International Airport in Virginia quickly finished a bottle of water.

A passenger in Boston Thursday added her lipstick to a bin of confiscated items.

Andrea Gomez, 30, of Miami, returning from London, went through customs at Kennedy Thursday holding a clear bag with her passport and other items, as British officials had required.

Video from the NY Times:
Airport security tightens


  1. Anonymous8:28 PM

    I have just no words...
    How can we not think of love...
    How can they only think of hurting others...
    I just do not feel human anymore...
    I do not know if I ever want to be human anymore

  2. And once again the terrorists succeed brilliantly in disrupting peoples' way of life and drawing lots of attention to their cause.

  3. Such people are in our midst, just that we are not aware the trains, buses, planes, theatres, shopping centres, pubs, restaurants, etc.

  4. sigh, because of those 'bo-liao' cowards, so many people had to suffer!!

    life is so tough!

  5. oh my god ....
    so that anyone tells me where is GOD?

  6. hAIH!

    these terrorists...dont know what they r trying to prove!

    thanks to them...we Malaysians will have an even harder time to go to the states ;\

  7. Poor baby ler....

    I hate to open up my luggage at the airport. ~,,~

  8. Another psychological operation brought to you by Bush and Blair and conveniently timed for their political gain. Read more details at

    (No I don't take Wayne's word on everything, but he's worked inside the NSA and is very well connected with people in the intelligence community.)

    Watch for more terror scare stories as US elections approach plus an attempt to connect Iran to it at some point to justify the planned attack on them.

  9. Aiseh..... 1 step forward (free WiFi onboard), 2 steps back (Sorry, no laptops allowed)...

  10. look like the world is a more dangerous place to live as compare to 10 years ago...

  11. If I have to live with this regulation when I fly, my luggage would be a lot lighter. I'm notorious for carrying a lot of just-in-case-but-never-really-useful items...

    And I shall not add another redundant comment regarding how dangerous our lives have become...

  12. Ian, I think you are not alone. Most (if not all) of us tend to over-pack.

    Talk about our lives being dangerous, being a pedestrian in KL can be dangerous. Have you read the latest about snatch-thieves using parang to slash the victims?

    (For the benefit of foreign readers, parang is a long knife approximately 18 inches long.)

    SF, right you are, and getting more so, I think. Scary!

  13. LB, sad isn't it? Like a dance going out of style?

    So, you're still basking in the sun or haze here, eh?

    Pandabonium, Gee! politics is really dirty. Thanks for the info.

  14. Red Sponge, I know the feeling. Exposing one's personal effects is no fun, yeah?

    Pink Cotton, true what you say about difficulty in visiting US. I know someone who is still waiting for his visa which was submitted a month ago. Of course being a Muslim man could be one of the reasons for the delay.

  15. Slurp! OMG! ;)

    Leonard, life oh life. Organize more get-togethers and make merry, lor.

  16. Joe, so true. These people are everywhere. They can be a neighbour, a friend, a cousin, even a sibling or an offspring.

    MM, thanks to them, air travel may never be the same again. A new chapter has just been written.

  17. Z, I sometimes wonder why we are not built such that we feel some pain or twitch each time we commit something bad - or something like Pinnochio-type effect. But then again, we will all be robots, won't we?

  18. terrible

    the tot that some stupid mother would use their baby as victim in a terrorist blast?

    Even an animal would also protect its young?

    what drive this people?

  19. Robin, terrible, horrible and lots of other words to describe such behaviour and because of such behaviour, this world will get deeper and deeper into trouble if the bad deeds outnumber the good.

  20. Dear happysurfer...

    Regarding the murder robbery...

  21. Dear Ian, thank you for your direction to the post. So sorry to hear that he was your friend.