Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Like Magic

Now you see it, now you don't - it's like magic. This can be applied to the Kuala Lumpur skyline. Take a look at the two pictures below. The picture on the left was taken some two weeks ago while the one on the right was taken yesterday. See the contrast? Left, blue skies and all; right, grey and blur. Thanks to the haze.

In the morning, the sun is like a faded orange ball in the sky darting in and out of the clouds or is it the smog build-up? Luckily, West Malaysia is separated by the Straits of Malacca - far enough that the ashes from the burning in Sumatra are not falling on us, unlike in Kuching (as mentioned by FH2o).

I don't know about other parts of the country but in KL, it's hot and humid. It feels like being in a pressure cooker - the air is still and warm. Thank goodness for the comfort of the air-cond though this is detrimental to the environment or the ozone layer to be exact (but that's a different story).

So, on hot days a dunk tank would be welcome - but with these occupants...I don't know.......

An alternative would be to go around half-naked

And stay hydrated...


  1. Should I say...unlike magic, you can't bring back the clear blue sky..until and unless the raging fires stop altogether.

    People will start to get sick when the PSI reading hits above 100 for prolonged period of time...pity those suffering from asthma, pneumonia, etc.

  2. *blow blow blow* just for happysurfer here. blue sky and everything nice...sooooooon!!

  3. Those tigers remind me of an old (very old) Exxon slogan: "put a tiger in your tank".

    Hope you get clear skies again soon.

  4. hey the condition is kuching is getting better.

    It is very teruk last week.

  5. I wish I had a refrigerator like that!

    That haze is really nasty, isn't it? Especially on top of the heat and humidity...

    Who knows...if you give the tigers a nice treat, they might leave you alone. (Emphasize "might".)

    Why settle for half-naked when you can go three-fourths? You could try running around in just a grass skirt. If the police grab you, you can tell them that you are a historical revivalist reliving the traditions of your tribal ancestors, and that arresting you is unpatriotic! Who knows? It might work! (Again, emphasize the "might".)

  6. phew, i pity the baby boy/girl on the motorcycle!

  7. Anonymous1:11 AM

    It's just bad weather nowadays and with haze it's just worsen up
    Got to be careful of health especially this time

  8. Anonymous1:57 AM

    dunno worri, it's same same here in the south
    the cheapest alternate ... just go shopping centre & public library lor hehehehe ...

  9. Oh...POOR baby :-( He can't breath.

    Where is that place of the 3rd. pic.?

  10. Slurp! yeah lor or if at home just switch on the air-cond when it gets unbearable.

    Z, I agree, it's bad for health. Some of my friends are getting their eyes all teary and swollen up while some are having throat irritation. After the heavy downpour yesterday, the sky is clearer today.

  11. PP, I'm afraid I have no idea. It could either be a beach place or something and the temperature must be soaring.

  12. Leonard, he or she probably is used to it, lah.

    MM said:
    Who knows...if you give the tigers a nice treat, they might leave you alone. (Emphasize "might".)

    No way! I, might be the treat in the end.

    Talk about patriotism, it 'might' work considering our National Day is just around the corner, Aug 31, but I wouldn't take that chance.

    Three-fourths? LOL! I might either land myself doing squats behind bars or in some mental institution, Tanjung Rambutan to be precise. Good try, MM.

    Neat fridge, innit?

  13. Red Sponge, glad that Kuching is getting better. The rain is helping out here in KL otherwise we get this burnt smell in the air some days.

    Pandabonium, I think that's the slogan Esso is still using.

    Yeah, think "Clear skies". Thanks.

  14. See Fei said:
    *blow blow blow* just for happysurfer here. blue sky and everything nice...sooooooon!!

    Awww... that is so sweet of you. Thank you.

    Joe, agree that it's not healthy. Some of my friends are already affected.

  15. Man, the haze... and I am returning to bolehland in a few days...

  16. hahaha,..

    the chinese children song on the "3 tigers" is in my mind.

    3 tigers, (x2)
    Run Quick Quick (x2)
    One without Eyes
    One without Ears
    So strange (x2)

    You know this song?

  17. Robin, haha.. that is so cute! I was singing the song in Chinese using your lyrics as a guide. The mind is an amazing thing. Thanks for bringing back some bygone days.

  18. Lrong, your hometown may be affected too but not to worry, it's still bearable as there has been rain, rather heavy at times too. Enjoy your 'home-leave'.