Tuesday, August 22, 2006

One Drink Per Person

Taking "Kiasu" to a new level?!

(For our foreign friends, "kiasu" is a word in the Chinese Hokkien (Fujian) dialect which means the fear of losing out as in wanting to be or having the best or the most. Of late, it has a rather negative connotation to it.
Actions like these among others are construed as "kiasu" - getting into queue way, way too early, heaping up on the buffet plate (and not finishing the food), scrambling and shoving for a seat (unruly behaviour), must have everything the best and the most expensive though at times the former outweighs the latter."

Here's a situation that qualifies as "kiasu"?

This is what happened when a company put up the following memo:

May all members of staff please note that there will only be one drink per person at this year's Christmas Party.

And please bring your own cup!
It's Party time!!!


  1. The cheapskate management has it coming! :)

  2. FH2o, perhaps reverse psychology? The company may want to encourage more consumption under the pretext of "bring your own cup"? Not likely?

    Ian, right on!

  3. The ideology of "Kiasuism" has reached the Western Shore! ;)

  4. Anonymous12:50 PM

    嘩!!嘩!!!一人只限一杯水? 難怪他們拿這麼大的杯啦.

  5. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Now where is my big tong where I keep water

  6. Joe, good observation or is it inborn in all humans in the name of survival?

    PP, one big cup would do the trick.

    Z, tong? haha... I like that.

  7. If they drink that much they will need those buckets later when it comes back up.

  8. Oh, man! I don't know about the rest of you, but I got some serious sideaches laughing at that one! Chalk one up for organized labor defending their work-related rights (in this case the right to get tanked) against oppressive administration!

    I just hope no one died from alcohol poisoning...

  9. What a super idea to keep in mind ;)

  10. cheapsake alcoholics

  11. I have linked this post to my blog..

    hope you dun mind.

  12. Pandabonium, that's true. It'll come in handy. Yucks!!

  13. MM, yeah, I laughed so hard the first time I saw it.
    Alcohol-poisoning? hmmm..

  14. IML, take it one step up... surprise them by giving a prize to the person who brings the best-looking or whackiest cup. All in the name of fun.

  15. Robin, not cheapskate lah, just being resourceful. hehe..

    Linking the post? Certainly, be my guest. TQ actually.