Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Best tactical boots are from Magnum

Looking for boots for on-the-job or for recreation? is the place, whether it's tactical boots or non slip shoes you are interested in.

Boots today are not what they used to be. Advancement in technology has also extended to boot-making. With hydro management nano technology, boots nowadays are made with many improved features and considerations in mind.

Magnum boots have been used by law-enforcers, the military and medical emergency services personnel (paramedics), security forces and firemen for a very long time and they have become the footwear of choice, even more so now for their enhanced features. Boots being an essential part of the whole ensemble in a uniformed work environment, no police equipment is complete without boots, for instance.

Magnum designs boots that are lightweight, comfortable, and full of features—all to make sure your boots are the last thing on your mind. Many of their styles feature ion-mask technology, which repels water and all kinds of other liquids, including blood. Not only are Magnum boots hydrophobic or water-resistant, they are breathable, lightweight (without sacrificing on durability) and environment-friendly and the highest-quality stitching thread is used. These boots are comfortable and keep your feet dry all the time.

If I were looking to buy a pair of boots, I know these would be the boots I would go for.


  1. I also want to try these shoes.It has been some time since I visited website with such high quality information. Thank you so much for sharing the blog.

  2. A durable boot,good fit but heavy relative to all the others.Feet start to ache a bit after long hours of wear in the field.Break in on these can take a few weeks,depending on the amount of wear you put on them.During long roadmarches,hot spots tended to form in some places on my heels.I've run in these and you can definitely feel the heavy sole after the first mile.Obviously a great boot.

  3. where is the store tht i can get this shoes?

    1. You can get them online. Just clicking on any one of the links in the post will take you to the website. Happy shopping!

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