Thursday, June 2, 2011

McDonald's GREEN Coca-Cola Can Glass completes the series

The release of the Green McDonald's Coca-Cola Can Glass today marks the completion of the collectibles set of six which began with the Charcoal tint on April 28, followed by Purple, Blue, Pink and Lime.

Need to buy a Can Glass to complete your set? Here is where to check out if there is one for sale. Or perhaps you have one or more to let go?

I wonder what has McDonald's lined up next.. Any guesses?


  1. hahaha, that is so sweet of you to remind us of the coca-cola glass every week without fail, yes, i'm gonna get this final one and then stop eating McD for a good while~~ hahahaha!! :D

  2. BTW, they actually sends me a reminder SMS every Thursday afternoon to get the glass~~ :p

  3. ♫ I, I who have nothing
    I, I who have no GLASS
    Adore COKE, and want you so
    I'm just a no GREEN,
    With nothing to give you but Oh
    I Love McD..♫

    aTOMic Jones

  4. Gonna complete my set today! :)

  5. Happy collecting the glasses! I don't collect them cos I don't eat at McD much : )

  6. Today's temp as per your screen is a scorching 95°F..phewwwww!!!!

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  8. SK, not at all. It serves as a reminder to myself too.
    So, you have managed to complete the set. Congrats!

    They are doing a good job there, sending our reminders.

    Bananaz, LOL! Great new lyrics.

  9. Lina, congrats to you too! The green one is kinda disappointing. The tint is not green enough, I feel.

    Foong, did you know that McD sells the glasses separately at RM8.80 each?

  10. Bananaz, 95degF is scorching, indeed. Thanks for the heads-up.

    Couponsforzipcodes, you are welcome!