Monday, June 20, 2011

Healthy Women - A Health & Fitness resource to bookmark - for Men and Women

The Internet is filled with information on any topic imaginable, which is a good thing and a big help, I feel. Here is a site I found recently that has useful information on womens health, womens fitness, even pregnancy information. It you like articles like "9 Sunscreen Booby Traps to Avoid" or "Essential Tips for Men's Health", then read on.

The site, Healthy Women, is easy to navigate with articles categorized into a number of topics or folders. The first folder, Health Centers, covers general information from Aging & Memory, Allergies & Asthma to Birth Control to Eye health, Hearth health to Sexual health, Skin health and lots more.

Conditions & Treatments has information on health conditions and treatments available for illnesses and conditions including breast cancer, cholesterol, diabetes, stroke, thyroid disorders, and more.

You can also find tips on Healthy Living on how to control stress, diet and nutrition, beauty and aging, etc. A great how-to resource here.

If Pregnancy & Parenting information is what you are interested in, you can find it here too. Useful information on Midlife and Beyond is also available here. The site highlights the weekly features so you won't miss out on current topics. If you have a question or two, there is the 'Ask the Expert' section. More information is also available on their WomenTalk Blog as well as on a number of other great health publications the site features. We can also get 'Breaking health news' here which truly keeps us abreast of health news around the world.

Healthy Women with the vast amount of information it shares, is truly a site to bookmark as a go-to health and fitness resource. Share it with your friends and family. I'm sure they would appreciate it.

By the way, don't forget to check out their Contests & Freebies section.. (under WomenTalk folder).

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