Monday, August 21, 2006

Adopt a Cat Today

We hear much about charity, saving lives, saving the world, adopting children, adopting schools, adopting zoo animals, saving the dolphins, the whales, the environment, etc., etc. What about saving everyday animals like stray cats?

If you are in Singapore and a cat-lover or know someone who would love to have a pet cat or two, please visit Robin's blog. The Cat Welfare Society also welcomes support in the form of food, kitty litter, toys, shampoo and medicine. Unfortunately, no cash donations are accepted.

Please get in touch with Robin at
Robin's Empire for details.


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  2. thank you thank you. Happy..

    We are actually a group of volunteers who started with the Cats Welfare Society on re-homing stray cats.

    CWS have since withdrawn support because of funding and a group of us are using our own money to fund this project.

    If you wish to donate cash, you are of course welcome but unfortunately, we cannot issue tax-exempted receipt for those who wish to get income tax exemption on donation.

    Any help would be appreciated!