Saturday, November 5, 2005


Talk about blessings, being alive is blessing itself. Is it not?
And yet we hear of road accidents, fights, abuse of self and of
others and a whole lot of other risks that people put themselves
through as though tomorrow will always be there for them.

Hello people, listen up! Life IS fragile - and so temporary.
It can end just like that! Morbid as it sounds, it is the truth.
So whatever you do, do take care.

Take for instance the accidents that happened over the Hari Raya
holidays with headlines like "Driver killed after car ploughs into
cow"; "Tragedy robs family of Raya joy" or this one "He never got
to buy that carpet" of a 19-year-old young man who just had to buy
a carpet for his room to complete his preparations for the Hari Raya.

What about this one "Couple's saddest Raya" of a couple whose car
plunged into the river and not being able to save their two children,
aged three and four. So sad but so real.

And of course, there are those who were involved with fireworks
and firecrackers and had their fingers blown off or lost an eye
in the process. What a waste, don't you think.

The government has put in so much effort implementing ways and
means so that the Rakyat can enjoy festivals safely and joyously.
The Rakyat in turn has to do their part. Take heed of these
messages: Drive home safely. Your safety is in your hands.


  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog...

    How true that being alive itself is a blessing enough... even though one may have lost the Jusco Jaya (or Jaya Jusco?) points... used to dread 'growing old' while in the thirties, but now, am waiting for birthdays happily...

  2. Hi Lrong, thanks for visiting. I believe birthdays are good. They signify reaching another year of life and for that celebration is in order. Best wishes.