Saturday, January 9, 2010

Flea Markets and Breeches

A girlfriend jokingly suggested that I should seriously consider setting up a stall at a flea market selling my clothes. Ouch! That's from me having to part with my clothes and from the closet, bursting at the hinges. LOL!

Okay, jokes aside. Have you been to a flea market or when's the last time you were at a flea market. I love flea markets not so much the actual shopping but the sight of so many little long-forgotten stuff (curios and all) that if not for the flea market, would otherwise have been stashed away somewhere collecting dust for another decade or so. Hmm.. I wonder if breeches are also available.

If you are interested in going to a flea market when in Kuala Lumpur, one at the Amcorp Mall and the other at Mont Kiara are the two I'd recommend. They are open on Saturdays and Sundays.


  1. Huh breeches! I think no got haha great Engrish! Yeah agree not so much into buying but browsing seeing those old stuff is fun. Went to Amcorp Mall few times like those old Coca Cola bottles from the round short shape and old cigarette metal containers for sale.

  2. I like strolling at flea markets but don't really buy much. Never sell anything either.

  3. Sometimes I do go to flea markets to buy some interesting stuff. :p But I have never thought of being a trader there.

  4. Haha. Maybe your friend worry that your cupboard will burst some day. Hehe.

  5. Anonymous5:21 PM

    I love visiting flea markets. There is usually alot to see.

  6. Happysurfer,
    Want to talk business? We join force :D

  7. I love flea markets. I saw a stall that sells those REALLY OLD Atari game system controllers. Wow.

  8. I used to go to flea markets when I was in the States.

    Once I bought a basket full of old stuffs which has a comfy old yellow jacket. When I put it on, I realized that there is something in the pocket.Hence, I carefully took it out...slowly. It was .....


    and I only paid US5 for it! OH...I LOVE FLEA MARKETS!


  9. Merely go flea market 'look see look see' seldom buy them. But cannot find any flea could have sold out then, probably should go early. Guess why the name "flea"?

  10. Bananaz, yeah, Amcorp Mall flea market is the better-known flea market in KL and they do cover a wide area, plus it's indoors which makes for extended visits of pleasant browsing.

    I enjoy their auctions too, which is held alternate Saturdays or maybe once a month, I'm not too sure.

    Lina, just be at a flea market is fun in itself, right?

  11. Tekkaus, it's amazing the kind of things one can buy there - a wonderful place to look for collectibles.

    To set up a stall there would require an adequate amount of items, otherwise, it's not worth the time.

    Superman, I guess. So sweet of her, right?

  12. Mei Teng, I'll buy that! Great walking exercise too after a hearty weekend breakfast.

    KS, you too have got a closet bursting at the hinges? haha...

    If you are interested in setting up business there at Amcorp Mall, make an enquiry with their admin people. Rental rate is very reasonable (read: cheap) but you would need to book in advance as there's a good demand for space. Best wishes on your new venture!

  13. Shingo, I know. A visit to a flea market usually brings out a string of 'wows'. LOL!

    Shakira, oh boy! What a shopping trip! Right, I would love flea markets like that too.

  14. CheaHSan, good thing flea markets these days do not include "them" (the fleas) anymore. haha...