Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Frolics - What Type of Poem Are You?

Ahh... it's Friday again. Hooray!!

This week's quiz is about poems. No, not requiring you to wax lyrical all over (but it would be nice, for a change). :)

Now, to business of the day. If you were a poem, what type of poem do you think you are? Do the quiz to find out.

HappySurfer Is Free Verse

Inspired, devoted

to the pure expression




any constrictions.

Rhymes bind.

Grammar kills.

Now, your turn..


  1. My kind of Poem:

    You Are a Haiku
    Like a tree swaying
    You are simple yet changing
    Living in the now

  2. You Are a Couplet
    You're not much for words, so you write a little ditty.
    It might not be a novel, but at least it is witty.

    Nah...not so true for me. LOL :D

  3. CheaHSan, a Haiku? Cool! That 5-7-5-syllabic poem must mean you are a systematic person and one who loves nature too, the seasons in particular.

    Tekkaus, no? Nevermind..