Thursday, January 21, 2010

Best Places to View Sunsets

Have you ever been on a cruise? After hearing friends and colleagues sharing how much they enjoyed their cruise holidays, I have decided to put a cruise holiday on my travel list.

Some of the cruises they have been on include the one along the Nile, in Scandinavia, Alaska (going up-close to an iceberg), Mediterranean, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Langkawi, and Phuket. I once saw a documentary on the Yangtze River cruise. Awesome scenery of mountains and rivers that one.

There are many cheap cruises available if you know where to look. I hear watching the sun going down can be an unforgettable experience on a cruise ship especially on the ship's upper deck.

Sunsets must be one of nature's most beautiful wonders. They simply take your breath away, all that red and orange hues across the mesmerizing sky - nature's artwork at its best.

Colourful sunsets can be viewed all over the world but there are some places that are best for viewing sunsets. Over the ocean is one and the Andaman Sea must be one of the best places to view a sunset this side of the world.

Another great place would be at Australia's Ayers Rock or Uluru as it is known in its native language. Did you know that this sandstone formation turns red at sunset? It is actually due to the sun's rays passing through air particles that makes it the colour it is at sunset.

The desert with its sand-dunes would be another great place to view sunsets. Watching the sun set over Egypt's Great Pyramids would be awesome too. How about sunset over the Burj al Arab? That's beauty all around - the sky, the sea and a stylish hotel.

(All images courtesy of Wikipedia)


  1. I lup the 1st pic the most. Lovely sunset. TQ so much

  2. Anonymous11:37 PM

    I like the sunset in the last photo. In Dubai at the 6 star hotel isn't?

  3. You know, sunset is a popular subject of photographers? Any good place to shoot sunset near here?

  4. i actually prefer to see sunrise than sunset, to me sunrise brings hope but sunset means an end to something.. anyway, of my whole life, i have not seen more than 3 times sunrise.. bcos i just couldn't wake up, hahaha!!

  5. yeah, i have seen a desert sunset before.. i was in Dubai and joinned the Desert Safari trip, though not huge desert like the Sahara, but i would say it's an experience.. and the sunset was rather special, because of the heat and sudden sink of temperature, the glare of the setting sun was somehow nicer..

  6. Bananaz, yeah, that's an awesome shot, isn't it?

    Mei Teng, that's Burj al-Arab, alright. I can imagine viewing sunsets from up there. As a photog, I'm sure you'd have a field day.

  7. KS, true, sunset is a popular subject. Must be the colors in the sky that have that effect on people.

    Looking for a good place to shoot sunset near here? We are lucky to be on the west coast so there are lots of places to view and shoot sunsets.

    I like to watch the sun setting over water so anywhere along our beaches would be nice but you'd have to go interstate, wouldn't you?

    Around here, I could think of a few places, such as the Petronas Twin Towers, or course. Even the Masjid Jamek area with the Moorish architecture of minarets would be nice too. I should think any interesting architecture would be a nice silhouette to complement the lovely sunset.

    Btw, have you watched the sun set from the observation deck of the KL Tower?

  8. SK, you even remember the number of times you have seen sunrise?! LOL!

    Is it any wonder why we have companies called Sunrise instead of Sunset? hehe..

    I should imagine that sunset in the desert must be quite a sight with the play of the sun's rays over sand-dunes and all. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  9. Wow! This post makes me want to go on a holiday! : )

  10. Again?! LOL! Why not, eh? There's a long stretch of holidays coming up in February.

  11. Awww.....I wish I can view that sunset from the 1st picture too. :D

  12. wow..Awesome and all of these pictures are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this superb collection..