Monday, January 25, 2010

Of Genting Highlands and Las Vegas

I imagine people in Singapore and those from the southern states who visit Singapore on a regular basis, are looking forward to the new Genting entertainment centre on Sentosa Island. I read the other day that there is a S$100 entrance fee for Singaporeans.

Genting Highlands is the only place with an on-land casino in Malaysia (and Singapore) and it is popular with Singaporeans who sometimes make day-trips to the City of Entertainment as Genting Highlands is known.

Travelling from Singapore to Gentings is not a short distance. It takes five to six hours of travel on land. Making a trip once in a while is not a problem but if one enjoys casino-gambling, it is quite a hassle having to go through such long travel hours.

That is the reason why many resort to casino-gambling online these days. There are many online casinos available and one of the better ones is Online Casinos Planet. Theirs is a quality website with useful casino information. They have a ton of games available, some are even free to play.

For serious players, they have information and tips to better your game. Check out their interesting videos of what you would experience if you were to visit Las Vegas.

By the way, let's just take an exciting virtual tour of Las Vegas casinos.


  1. I thing online casino is ruining a lot of people's lives. :(

  2. wanna visit las vegas one day =)

  3. I prefer Genting Highlands anytime, even though I can enter the Singapore casino free with my Malaysia passport.

    The weather. genting is way too cool.

  4. hmmm, gambling is a no no to me.. i have been to genting casino but all i did was spending the most RM10 on the jackpot machine, finish my RM10 and that's it..

  5. Anonymous3:39 PM

    I cannot understand the reason(s) why the S'pore govt wants a casino. Gambling ruins lives and there's even a list of registered "offenders" who will be denied entry.

  6. Talking about casinos, I am going to blog about 3 tips Lillian Too gave us to win at casinos and beat the feng shui tactics that the owners put in place there! : )

  7. Tekkaus, it really boils down to the people themselves. The lure of online casinos and other entertainment/gambling avenues will always be there.

    Ken, it's only a matter of hours away.

  8. Shingo, great! I too like the weather and the atmosphere in Gentings. Being away from the city, the holiday feel is there. Everyone who is there is on holiday (practically). Nice feeling.

    SK, I don't go up there to gamble. I just like the place and its leisurely pace of life.

  9. Mei Teng, the casino is not the main thing, I'm sure. It's just part of the entertainment complex.

    Most unfortunate about the registered "offenders".

    Foong, those three tips from Lilian Too would be good to know for gamblers.

  10. its interesting to note that singapore is opening up a lot nowadays. if not wrong, i read, the first 2 casinos are just the firsts of many to come.

    hopefully malaysia can also benefit from singapore's tourism promotions... a spillover at least :)