Friday, January 8, 2010

Fuel Price by Car Size come May 1

If you would like to take advantage of the gas subsidy, consider changing your gas-guzzler to a smaller-engined car before May 1.

The frontpage of The Star carries this article, Fuel Prize by Car Size and it says the bigger your car, the more you will have to pay for petrol from May 1. This is because the Government is going to change the way fuel is subsidised.

The plan is for a fuel pricing mechanism that will ensure only targeted groups, particularly those from the lower-income, will receive fuel subsidy. If you have a bigger-engined car, you will have to pay more for fuel.

Also, foreigners who drive into the country to fill up their tanks will not be eligible for subsidy and will have to pay more for fuel.

The move was based on the assumption that those in the lower income group would normally drive a car with a lower engine capacity and thus be eligible for the subsidy. Is this a fair assumption, do you think? Also, MyKad may need to be produced when buying petrol.

For RON95 petrol, the subsidy is 30 sen per litre. The current price of RON95 petrol is RM1.80 compared with the actual price of RM2.10. Higher engine capacity cars and non-Malaysians may have to pay RM2.10 or more for RON95 after May 1.


  1. Well...perhaps this might work? :p So we have to buy lower horse power car to enjoy more subsidy. :p

  2. this is something interesting, and i quite like it.. but how can the petrol machine determine whether it's a Kancil or a Mercedez??

  3. Sing along to the tune of 'First of May" by Bee Gees.

    When I was small and big engines were tall. We used to save while others used to pay.

    Don't ask me why but time has passed us by. Someone else moved subsidy away.

    Now we are tall, and big engines are small, and you will pump more gas a day.

    But you and I, our car we love to drive, but guess we'll cry come first of May..

    IMO of Maurice Gibb of Bee Gees

  4. [SK] the machine high tech one, Kancil spelled with 'K' Mercedes starts with 'M' and they've got computer to detect once you push the nozzle in. For that cost another few millions haha. Just kidding trying to be naughty today Friday mah..

    You've got a very valid million $ question. So How?

    Have a great weekend.

  5. HappySurfer, thanks for the info. What about 'iron horse' (motor bike)? Have a great weekend.

  6. Do foreigners drive to pump in Malaysia? You mean like from Singapore and Thailand?

  7. Shall wait and see how the gomen sort out who & how those with smaller cars get the subsidy and how the foreigners pay the premium. TQ

  8. Would be very messy and will be lots of loop holes. Anyway we shall see come first of May.

  9. Hi Happysurfer,
    Thanks for the information.
    I am reconsidering buying a that will help make my decision for me. Glad I waited.

    @ CHeaHS@an COOL LYRICS!
    Love the BEE GEES.



  10. Time to be chummy with the petrol attendants so that they will key-in your car as a Kancil even though you are driving a Merc. This is Malaysia, anything Boleh!

  11. That's crazy. How the petrol station people know what is the car size? If They setup different pump with different charges? I will pump my BMW (if only I had one) at Kancil pump stand for sure. Stupid government.

  12. seems like a noble idea. howeveri i think we should also focus on developing our transportation system to be of world standards, or even better :)