Friday, January 15, 2010

Signs and Banners

It is always helpful when the store you are doing business with has samples to show you. The more samples the better because they give you an idea of what is available and the possibilities. Shopping online included.

Take for instance if you are shopping for signs, and we are talking about those banners and stuff that you string across posts or stick up on your lawn. BigDaddySigns is just what I am talking about.

is the leading provider of banners and lawn signs including political signs and realtor signs. Their signs come in corrugated plastic or aluminum, all professionally done up. With their staff of highly-skilled graphic designers and a huge template library, they would be able to ship completed orders within a day.


  1. of course when it comes to shopping, we would like to see the samples - be it physically shopping or online shopping.. best is if the online one has 360 degree viewing model and color changing facilities.. i've seen makeup websites to upload your own photos, and then you can apply the cosmetics onto your face to see the effect.. that's cool huh??

  2. SK, sure is cool. Nothing beats seeing the real thing or at least a preview.

    Web Graphic Design, you're welcome.

    SK, any link to the makeup sites?