Sunday, January 10, 2010

Take A Warmer Myrtle Beach Vacation

Winter this year is unusually cold, so much so that it is making headlines almost everyday. This bad weather condition has got some people making their way south to avoid the extremes of temperatures and to stay warm.

If you are looking for a warmer climate that offers some respite from the cold up north, perhaps Myrtle Beach in North Carolina may be what you are looking for. Myrtle Beach accommodations are plentiful and easily available for booking. Myrtle Beach Resorts offer some of the best in terms of holiday accommodation.

Prince Resort, a popular Myrtle Beach Resort, offers comfortable, modern accommodations. Being situated at the entrance to The Cherry Grove Pier, you would have easy access to all the excitement of the Grand Strand.

Prince Resort provides the perfect waterfront location for relaxing, with plenty of dining options and leisure activities to suit all preferences. You won't find a moment of boredom.

Their condos are spacious and all oceanfront, offer fresh air and breathtaking view of the ocean and sunsets. You can wander down to the bustling fishing pier or go for a stroll along quiet marshlands with colorful wood ducks floating nearby. I believe a holiday staying at Myrtle Beach accomodations would be a pleasantly memorable one.


  1. What a coincidence my latest post is also about two best friends an orangutan & dog in Myrtle Beach but in South Carolina. Thanks for the info.

  2. looks like the cold countries get colder, the warm countries get warmer.. how nice if we can have a place which is warm in winter and cool in summer?? :p

  3. [SK] You slow slow wait put pillow high and sleep on it haha. Wonder how high our temperature will be in future?

  4. CheaHSan, that is one cute story! Thanks for sharing it.

    SK, so true. We are feeling the effects of climate changes. I hope come Winter in the Southern Hemisphere, there'd be enough snowfall to cover the peaks of mountains in South America to restore their water supply.

    Bananaz, LOL! Then, there'd be more demand for aircond units - which of course worsens the problem.