Monday, January 11, 2010

Are You Shopping Online Yet?

From flea market shopping, let's move on to online shopping, shall we? Anyone who has done any online shopping will agree how easy and convenient it is. Online shopping is getting more and more popular as consumers see the value of this convenient way of shopping with just a click of the mouse.

People buy big-ticket items online these days from boats to Samsung LCD tv to Hush Puppy shoes to a cropped denim jacket, to lingerie to toys and so forth - all without the need of leaving the home. What's more convenient than that?!

If you are looking for somewhere to shop where you can get almost everything, check out The store is easy to navigate. All items are by category from automotive to baby products to clothes and cameras, jewelry and watches, shoes, etc. Oh, and you can even find Jessica Simpson Clancey Boots here too. Wait! An item so exotic as Patagonia fleece is also available, besides other more common items like toddler car seat or a Reebok exercise ball. Looking for watches? They have Timex Ironman watch and Invicta Swiss watch among their selection of watches. You may want to check out the next time you go shopping online.


  1. i am on my way to online shopping, have been doing that for my airtickets and movie tickets.. :p

  2. Anonymous3:41 PM

    So far, I have only purchases lenses and camera accessories on-line. I dun shop for clothing on-line as the sizes might not fit properly.

  3. I did shop online for certain stuff. :p

  4. Hubby loves to shop online.Maybe cause he got not
    I do too like books, hotels and air tickets.

  5. I have one problem with online shopping.

    I tend to do impulse shopping because they are all just a matter of click away. *Groans*

  6. Not yet. Not much money left after a shopping sphere in Kuching last year. Still recovering from that. Haha.

  7. did a bit. i think will be doing more if prices are good & products are unique :)