Sunday, January 24, 2010

Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM)

Are you a member of AAM? That's the Automobile Association of Malaysia. For vehicle owners, this is one great association to be a member of. Most people do not see the need to join probably because we have our own favourite auto mechanics or workshop when we encounter car problems.

Like insurance, the AAM membership is hardly made use of if we keep our car in good condition sending it for timely service and all. The acid test of the AAM service comes when your car is totally immobile in the middle of the night and you need help. AAM provides 24 hour towing at no charge at all within the city.

Unlike insurance premiums, yearly membership to AAM is less than a hundred ringgit. I say it's worth the investment for peace of mind, don't you?


  1. Yes peace of mind indeed..have been a member of AAM for quite some time.

  2. AAM is really an essential buddy!
    You having a good weekend, Happy?

  3. Hmm....I should consider this. :D

  4. Yes, I am a member and they were of great help to me many times already! : )