Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Frolics - The Vintage Card Test

There is always a certain charm to vintage things - vintage clothes, vintage furniture and so forth. How about doing a vintage card test this week to tell us our personality?

Happy Friday, everyone!

You Are Romantic

You have an idealized version of how things should be. You seek a life full of emotion and passion.

From an early age, you've known exactly what you've wanted, and you don't let anything or anyone block your path.

You are polite because rudeness never gets anyone anywhere. You know how to act in order to get your way.

You aren't exactly manipulative, but you do believe in charming people whenever you can. You like them to think they've won.

You are old-fashioned in that you still believe in love, meaning, and standing up for what you believe in.

You have a strong personality, but you have a light touch. There's more fire to you than others realize.

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  1. Mine says You Are Meticulous

  2. haha very true :D nice one!

  3. i chose the sunflower and it says i am AMIABLE..

    I am a friendly, optimistic, and warm person. I can blend into any situation with ease. I listen first and speak later. I deal well with conflict and cold-heartedness by slowly warming people up. I am polite because I couldn't imagine being any other way. I were taught to practice the golden rule. I believe that the grumpiest people often need the most compassion. And I am patient enough to care for them. I am old-fashioned because I have strong interests in both art and nature. I am fascinated by the world around me. Modern things are nice enough, but I can be satisfied with reading a good book in a beautiful flower garden.

  4. What? It says I am Meticulous!! Detailed oriented person. Nothing goes unnoticed by me. Really? Hmmm. LOL!

  5. I am a romantic too!
    really? but I don't show it..but the description sounds true..