Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Frolics - What Symbol Candy Heart Are You?

This being the season of Valentine, let's do a quiz about love and romance. Thought-provoking questionnaire too.

Happy Friday!

You Are a Peace Symbol Heart

You value love that's harmonious and compassionate. You want to completely trust the person you give your heart to.

You don't like relationships that have too much bickering or fighting. You believe love should be a sanctuary.

Your ideal Valentine would be happy to just be hanging out with you. You want someone who's into you... not where you're going to dinner.

You're looking for a partner who treasures the deeper and simpler things in a relationship. There's no substitute for quality time and connection.

Your ideal Valentine's Day would be personal and thoughtful. You don't want the cookie cutter experience of dinner, chocolates, or flowers.

Unless any of the above were homemade. You think it's always the thought that counts - especially on this holiday.

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  1. Bananaz is Recycling Symbol Heart..had a simple Valentine's package for two leg kicking *yang thoi kiok* dinner and an angpow for sweetie Mango. Old cheena man style with cash is king philosophy doing away those over priced high cut throat commercialized roses. Happy CNY Day VI.

    You don't necessarily believe in disposable love. But you do believe in the interconnectedness of love and life.
    You never know where your heart will lead you, and you are open to all possibilities. You aren't afraid of change.

    Your ideal Valentine is someone who is thrill seeking, open-hearted, and compassionate toward the whole world.
    You tend to be attracted to fellow free-spirits. You are a big believer in loving like you've never been hurt.

    Your ideal Valentine's Day is totally unexpected, unconventional, and untraditional. You think an adventure is romantic.
    Forget the prix fixe dinner - you rather try out a food trailer. And instead of roses and truffles, you'd love handpicked wildflowers and donuts.

  2. i am a DOLLAR SIGN heart!! LOL, but not very true about myself..

    I ain't a gold digger, and I don't believe love can be bought. I simply think love is the most enriching thing ever. I could be dead broke, but as long as I had love, I'd be set. And all the money in the world couldn't make up for being loveless. My ideal Valentine puts relationships first in life. I want a partner who sees love as a priority. I know that a good relationship takes work, and I'm okay with that. I'm one of the few who views that part of love as fun. My ideal Valentine's Day is the complete romantic package, preferably with someone I've already committed to. I don't mind taking the lead and planning for something my partner will enjoy. I really love to play up the romance on this day.