Saturday, February 16, 2013

Carnival Triumph cruise ship passengers happy to be back on land

This still being Chinese New Year, it is good to focus on nice and positive things and events.

You would have read about the Carnival Triumph cruise that didn't go quite so well but here's a happy side to it.

Cruise ship passengers reunite Friday in Galveston, Texas, after taking an eight-hour bus ride from Mobile, Ala., where the Carnival Triumph docked late Thursday night. Galveston is the home port of the ill-fated ship. (Jennifer Reynolds, Associated Press / February 15, 2013) -


  1. sure happy to land :)

  2. Its just so unlucky when 'eat wind' could end up in such an awful situation in the middle of the sea. Glad its all over wonder how much compensation will they receive? They gonna sue the cruise ship owner until 'lat fu'.

  3. So tonight another big CNY event with the 'pai ti kong' you will be busy again if you gonna blog about it with pixz of all the prayers at midnight.