Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chinese New Year - the 11th day

Today is the 11th day of Chinese New Year, five more days, including today, before the Chinese New Year or Spring festival comes to a close. There is no particular significance tied to this 11th day though people still visit each other or get together for a meal either at home or in a restaurant. As it is still Chinese New Year, food served is still Chinese New Year kind of food that comes with symbolic meanings including steamed whole white chicken, whole fish, oyster dishes, egg dishes, dumplings (jiaozi), stick rice cake (nian kao), carrot cake and so forth.

Homes and business premises are still decorated with Chinese New Year decorations. Spotted this at the vicinity of KLCC along Jalan P Ramlee the other day.

And this decoration along (Bukit) Bintang Walk near Pavilion Mall..

The Chinese character above is the word 'Fu'. It means blessing or happiness. The word is placed upside down reason being the word 'upside down' is a homonym with 'arrival' so placement of this word upside down means 'blessing or happiness has arrived' which is auspicious in nature.

Decorations such as this and calligraphic couplets are common in homes during Chinese New Year. Red paper-cuttings are also popular besides lanterns, flowering plants and lime plants. Pussy willow stalks are also common so are fake plum blossom stalks that come with light pink or dark pink blossoms.

For first-time meetings in the new year, we still exchange new year greetings..

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  1. This year my favorite ngaku *arrowhead* has shrunk in size. Heard the supply is low and price hit the ceiling.

  2. Getting a bit 26 *jelak* already during company's lunch a day ago..yeesang, Peking duck, pork leg, fried pork, chicken, lap mei fun & only one lohan chai vege...oh dear so much meat, meat & meat. Will keep a distance from chicken rice for a month after Cap Goh Merry Night haha.

  3. Missing lots of fun in KL with all those ang ang lanterns. Lucky panda foongpc had a detailed decor in his recent entry so gotta chance to have a virtual tour.

  4. i guess everything just goes back to normal, until the last day on chap goh meh which we officially bid farewell to CNY..

  5. I am so missing the CNY holidays!! I wish I can turn back time! Just a few more days left - I better make sure I have yee sang every single day till Sunday! Haha!