Monday, February 18, 2013

Flash floods hit Puchong

Was told this evening about Puchong being flooded but didn't expect it to be this bad.

According to The Star, the 30-minute flash flood was caused by backflow from monsoon drains feeding into the Klang river. It reached 0.8m in height at parts of Km 21.36 and caused a number of cars to stall.

The basement floors of IOI Mall Puchong opposite the affected highway section were flooded as well including the interior of the mall, causing several businesses at the entrance to shut down temporarily while cleaning operations were taking place.

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Freak storm and strong winds yesterday wreaked havoc
across the Klang Valley resulting in flash floods and trees being uprooted damaging property.


  1. saw this news today~ pity those cars~

  2. oh yeah, the photos are viral in facebook.. saw those and was shocked at how serious the flood was!! and some blame our dear PM who went there two days again bringing the flood~~ :D

  3. Oh was passing there on Sunday night after dinner with daughter & her in-laws. Now its better not to park at any basement if we have a choice.