Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chinese New Year - the Fourth day

Today is the Fourth day of Chinese New Year. Some of us are still on holiday though traditionally, the fourth day is an auspicious day to reopen for business after the new year holiday. Still, there are some smaller Chinese companies that are still closed and will open only after the ninth day of Chinese New Year but more of the ninth day later. These days, fengshui predictions have fine-tuned the process and able to pinpoint auspicious days to start work in the new year.

Companies may hold a dinner for their employees on this first day of work.

People still go visiting and paying respect. People are still wearing new clothes and children are still enjoying collecting goodluck money or Hongbao (red envelopes with gift-money) from elders when they go visiting. Hongbao is still being given out until the end of the Chinese New Year, that is on the fifteenth day which falls on February 24 this year.

The God of the Stove (yes, we have one governing the fireplace area) is expected back from Heaven on this fourth day of the new year. Food offerings are laid out to welcome him back to the home. It is believed that the God of the Stove leaves for Heaven on the 24th day of the twelve month to report on the activities of the household and returns on the fourth day of the new year.

The Fourth day of Chinese New Year is the birthday of Sheep, after the Chicken, Dog and Pig.

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  1. On the fourth day of Ssssnake Year
    The Stove God sent to me
    Four calling sheeps,
    Three French hens,
    Two barking dogs,
    And a piggy on a pear tree...♫

    HUAT AH..Ulala

  2. Most of the shops in my area are closed until CNY Day VI but restaurants are full of Loh $ang-ing with $$$$ jingling into their till machine..and the bozzez smiling ear to ear with overwhelming biz..sang yi heng lung

  3. I had start my work today..

  4. Just noticed the 4711, googled and oh..its the Lunar Year and not any angkong ji thought wanna huat ah hentam kaw lat kaw lat hahaha. You open work on 6th day kah?