Monday, January 25, 2010

How to Play Accompaniment Piano

I've oftentimes wondered how difficult it is to play a musical instrument and sing at the same time or play while others sing. I need wonder no more after reading how to play accompaniment piano, a course that teaches a step-by-step system that unleashes the secrets to exciting piano accompaniment.

This 3-DVD course includes a handbook featuring piano accompaniment techniques commonly used by professionals, techniques that include chordal styles and rhythmic patterns.

A collection of songs are featured in the DVDs and a demonstration by an accomplished pianist on the usage of various accompaniment techniques. Sheet music is also provided.

If you are looking into improving your piano accompaniment, this would be the course for you.

Here's a demonstration of what you could achieve with the course..

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  1. i'm always dreaming of myself being able to play piano.. i was given a choice to choose to learn piano and computer back in my kiddo time, i chosed computer.. a bit regret for that choice, since now i am in IT industry and facing computer everyday.. haha!!