Friday, January 29, 2010

Buying Furniture Online

Corner sofas are popular again in recent years. A number of new homes that I have visited lately all have corner sofas. Corner sofas are flexible in that you can split them up as if they are two separate sofas.

When it comes to home furnishings, the choices are endless.

No matter what home style you choose, you have a wide range of furniture and other home decor stuff to pick from.

But one thing is for sure, buying furniture online can give you substantial savings. Shopping for furniture online also provides you with a lot more options both in products and designers. is a one-stop shop for all things home, from furniture for every room in the house, to art to lighting, rugs, mirrors, tiles and paints, you name it - thus their tagline, Everything you need to design and shop for your home.

Are you redecorating your room or home? Why not try out their design tool where you can plan out your room or home in 3D. This is a great tool to give you an idea of how your ideal space would look like before you go ahead with the move.


  1. hmmm, though you can use the 3D modelling to see if it suits your house.. but then there's one thing missing, how comfortable you feel sitting on the sofa, still i think it's better to go to the shop physically right??