Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Going Green to Save Planet Earth

Never before has the human race been more concerned about climatic changes than now so much so that nations are getting together trying to formulate action items to reverse the effects or to slow them down. Not sure if the recent Climate Conference in Copenhagen was a success though.

Still, with so much publicity about icebergs in the Arctic Circle and ice caps on mountain peaks melting, etc., one can't help but be aware of the impending doom of this planet we call home.

In some small ways, everyone is trying to chip in. Even movie-makers. I haven't seen the movie, "Avatar", but from what I've read, it's also talking about the environment. The other day, I saw The Day The Earth Stood Still. This story tells of aliens (supposedly of a higher order) coming to Earth with the aim of saving it by destroying humans (as they claim that humans are the ones destroying the planet - no surprise) but before that, they save all animals a la Noah's Ark style. The main man is Keanu Reeves - one of my fav actors. It's on Astro this month. Catch it if you can.

I was briefly reading the online Star this morning, and came across a number of green stories, ranging from a cookbook to composting to shopping to even cremation. Good info, check them out..

10 tips for a climate-cool kitchen

Green eggs and ham

New use for food scraps

Unique eco-school

Surabaya cleans up

Dying to be green


  1. We'd better go green now before there's no green in this earth anymore. :(

  2. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Read in the papers this morning too. The green school in Ubud seemed interesting.

  3. Did you know about the GREEN DAY on Saturdays in some hypermarkets whereby they will not give you any plastic bags but you may buy one but they are actually encouraging you to use REUSABLE BAGS?


  4. Haven't watched the movie you mentioned, but one Doraemon anime has similar story. In the anime, the intelligent plants from outer space wanted to save the earth by destroying human.

  5. i watch the news and read the paper during the new year, and they have been talking about the effects of global warming, those are really scary..

  6. Tekkaus, you are right there. Laid out any plans yet on what you'd do to contribute to this effort? ;)

    Mei Teng, yeah, interesting that one. Back to nature, sort of.

  7. Shakira, I was thinking of combining that story together with this post but I thought it'd go too long-winded so I'll do up a separate post.

    10 sen for each plastic bag. Come to think of it, I paid 10 sen for a bag for my curry puffs at IKEA. :( Also, I bought their blue reusable bag (again) to carry the stuff I bought. Must now remember to bring my own bag when I next shop at IKEA.

    Cold Storage charges 20 sen I think. Yep, best to bring your own bag. Guys too. hehe..

    KS, one must have copied the other or great minds thought alike? It's a good movie to watch. Insightful.

  8. SK, scary, indeed! With global warming, icebergs and ice caps are melting but at the same time, snowfall has increased.

    The Star today front-pages Seoul with heavy snowfall. I believe Beijing is also suffering the same with lots of flights grounded and cancelled.

    The Earth is dying.. While this week, astrologers reported discovering five new planets out there. All hot at around 1000degC. They are orbitting around their own stars.