Monday, August 17, 2009

From Clothes to .....

Anything goes in fashion and style. This creased wool jacket must be the dream of those who don't believe in ironed uncreased clothes. This three-buttoned blazer of rumpled texture is 100% wool which unfortunately may not fit in well with our weather. Think Genting Highlands or Cameron Highlands, then it will be perfect.

With its casual exterior pockets and one-of-a-kind fabric, this slim suit jacket's disheveled charm makes it easy to wear with the old shirt you picked up off the floor this morning.

Talk about fashion and style, I came upon an interesting article the other day about jeans and what cut suits what body-type. Let me see if I can find it in my archives. Look out for it here.

And I wonder if one can buy condoms at the Marc Jacobs store at the Pavilion just like you would be able to at this Marc By Marc Jacobs new store at Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Condoms at the latter are part of the brand's collection of low-priced "special items" of offbeat goodies ranging in price from $1.50 condoms to $7 leather bracelets, $14 cashmere ankle socks to $28 rain boots and everything in between. Prices quoted are in US dollars, of course.

Still on the subject of that rubber(y) product, here's something amusing I read yesterday in relation to the current H1N1 flu scare.

Someone from the USA’s Centre for Disease Control noted:

“20,000 people die from novel 2009-H1N1 and everybody wants to wear a mask. 9 million people die from AIDS and no one wants to wear a condom.”

…and presumably the same people who are worried about H1N1 smoke, eat fried / salty / sugary food and ride motorbikes without helmets.



  1. yea i read that last piece somewhere before as well - figures may have been different, but it's somewhere along the line of that statement.

    maybe it's coz H1N1 is new. new things always attracts the attention of us humans. AIDS is so yesteryears. maybe that's y. it's only coz we humans are always forgetful.

    :) oh well. hehe

  2. Haha! That's funny! 9 million die from AIDS and no one wants to wear a condom!

  3. This creased wool jacket looks rather...err...messy ler! Haha :D

    You know why Foong? Because theyr always thought it will not happen to them. That's why. :p

  4. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Somehow, I am not into the 'creased' look when its comes to clothing. I used to have a jacket with 'creased' or crinkled material. Now when I look back, I go like "what was I thinking when I bought that jacket"! Hahha..

  5. what an interesting comparison..

    But I would love a jacket like that, not just for genting..I hate ironing.. haha..

  6. I am not sure if everybody wants to wear a mask...

    Regarding not wearing condom, Vatican has to be responsible. The conservative church still oppose contraception.

  7. Haha, I like the AIDs quote. =p

    Here's another.

    More people are afraid of airplane crashes than car accidents, even though the latter is more likely to occur.

  8. Regardless of religion, i think condom is very important,judging from the current moral standard in general. everybody loves sex, male, female, gays, les, straight or crooked but many aren't afraid of the side effect of wrong sex, so condom can come in handy,,,

    appreciate you being my friend, thanks and take care now

  9. Don't understand why it is so hard to wear one...many youngster nowadays also don't care about it. That's why many getting marry in their younger age. I get to know some doctors also do the same. Never wear then the gf got pregnant. Sigh...

  10. CJ, yeah, that's an interesting quote from USA's CDC so I suppose many people would have quoted it before I did.

    H1N1 probably gets the attention because it is more highly contagious than AIDS.

    Foong, human folly, eh? We sure have got our priorities all wrong! Some of us probably parked the brains outside the bedroom. Oops!

  11. Tekkaus, the creased jacket not nice, meh? haha..

    Mei Teng, LOL! Crinkled fabrics remind me of cheese material which was popular some years back. However, this material still needs pressing though.

  12. Robin, what's the interesting comparison? Clothes and condoms or H1N1 and AIDS? LOL!

    You like the jacket because there is no ironing needed? haha... But then again some creased clothes do look great with the right combination.

    KS, for the first time today since H1N1 started that I saw bank employees wearing a mask. Are you wearing one now in public?

    I think ignorance and personal preferences about not using rubber is also contributing to AIDS. No doubt everyone knows what's the best contraceptive.

  13. Shingo, good one, though I read that more people are killed in the air than on the road.

    Eugene, I imagine due to the stigma associated with sex outside of marriage, people are still shy about buying condoms. More education is needed, I guess.

  14. Superman said, Don't understand why it is so hard to wear one..
    *blink* LOL!

    Aiyah, why so like that one... the doctors, I mean. And we thought they knew better. Oh well, they are also human. But you are right, people need to be more careful so as not to get into trouble. Sigh..

  15. haha.. your last statements are funny..

  16. haha, Marc Jacobs condom?? interesting to know that though.. well, i guess it's because H1N1 spreads more violently and people die faster?? that is why everybody wear a mask - not condom, not quit smoking, not cut down greasy food..

  17. And look what topic brings in the most comments...

    As for H1N1, what if everyone wore a condom over their head?

  18. Forgo a condom but wear a mask... I believe there's no accuracy in what that someone from the USA’s Centre for Disease Control said !

  19. Keeyit, ahh... the lighter side..

    SK, I suppose.. people realise there's no enjoyment in not wearing a mask as opposed to not wearing a condom? hehe..

    So, will you be heading out to Marc Jacobs at Pavilion to get that designer condom? :p

  20. PandaB, looks like everyone is well-versed in this topic. :p
    I've found the niche topic, eh?

    You said, As for H1N1, what if everyone wore a condom over their head?

    I'm trying to keep a straight face here..and with tongue in cheek. haha..

    Joe, in our current H1N1 situation, the mask is the priority, of course, I agree.

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